My Four Axioms of Individual Sovereignty

You can't have individual Sovereignty without fundamental axioms | Jordan Peterson. Here are my Four Axioms to achieve Individual Sovereignty.


Curb Your Attitude 

ATTITUDE: Childhood Wound

The Harvard Business School study found ATTITUDE was the single biggest determinate of business success. Our Attitude in Relationships with others is developed in the first 19 years of Life Experience.  


IDENTITY: Ego, Self, Talent Stack

The June 12th SALESPERSON Card

FIVE  of Diamonds: The SALESPERSON Card This card has its share of challenges and its share of gifts. Like all fives, they dislike routine and abhor anything that pretends to limit their freedom. They can be perpetual wanderers, never settling down for anything long enough to make it pay off. This includes their work and relationships. All fives have an inner restlessness, but they truly want to accomplish something of value and stability in their lives. They are inherently spiritual and know what is of true value. The challenge comes in practicing what they know. They come into this life with a certain amount of karma which often takes considerable hard work to discharge. If they are lazy, there will be many problems. They must practice what they know and do what it takes to get the job done without shirking responsibility. They make great sales people and they have tried many things in life and know how to relate to anyone on their own level. Their inner truth is their guiding light.


KARMA: Strategy

Karma for the 5 of Diamonds - Accepting Reality

An astrological chart gives a picture of your Karmic probabilities. A competent astrologer can interpret your chart and give you advice concerning the possible effects Karma will play in different areas and at different times of your life. 

Vedanta (Hindu Philosophy) says that all your Karma is stored in the Jiva, the individual soul, or the aspect of the soul conditioned by Karma. Vedanta describes three types of Karma: that which you have chosen to process during this particular birth, that which is stored for later births, and the new Karma you generate every moment of your existence. 


DHARMA: Purpose in Life, Money

"If we do our Karma, Dharma will take care of itself"

"The Karma and Dharma are not related to each other. Either Karma can have its existence or Dharma can have its existence. It is impossible that both can have existence at the same time. If a person dies in Dharma then there is no birth again and if a person dies in Karma then there is rebirth to continue in Karma" - Deepak Chopra

According to The Secret Language of Destiny by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers Jordan Peterson and anybody else born on June 12th 1962 pursues a karmic path to dharma titled The Way of STUDY: Genius to Authority: Goal: To understand who they are by dedicating themselves to a chosen field of endeavor.

In 2013, Peterson began recording his lectures ("Personality and Its "Transformations", "Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief") and uploading them to YouTube.

 Peterson (right), now a YouTube Millionaire, speaking to Dave Rubin in September 2018.

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