Why is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez so, you know, so Powerful?

Could it be she is the October 13th NINE  of clubs, the Sexist card in the deck, and a Libra, the Zodiac's home of 'Social Justice Warriors.'


The Sexy NINE  of Clubs

nine of clubs The NINE of Clubs: As a rule, these people have warm and friendly personalities, a keen sense of obligation, and they keep promises and pay their  debts. The 9 of Clubs is the "Adventurer's Card". They like to gamble and are always willing to take a chance for the satisfaction of curiosity or interest. When their adventurous spirit extends to the field of knowledge, they often become extremists capable of making some fantastic discovery that will benefit others on an international scale. The first 13 years of life are usually the most difficult of their lifetime. Many harsh lessons are learned through the actions of a domineering and sometimes violent father. However, these early difficulties tend to disappear when they are in their late teens or early 20's - or - as soon as they are able to lay aside their self-protective negativity, and embrace a more universal approach to life. http://www.metasymbology.com/


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Harris Faulkner


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