Amazon Buys Obamacare for One Dollar

Since, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans want to deal with the Healthcare issue, Jeff Bezos, CEO, and John Mackey,  CEO of Whole Foods, have teamed up to save the 23, 24, or 25 million uninsured with a hefty dose of 'Conscious Capitalism' Healthcare. Mackey started Whole Foods in 1980 as the first organic/natural health foods grocery in Austin, TX. Mackey's 2012 book, 'Conscious Capitalism' helped explain how Whole Foods achieved their 27% profit margins versus the grocery standard of 3%.


 Mackey welcomed the acquisition by Amazon, as all the more power, to fight the good fight against factory farms, Monsanto, subsidized industrial agricultural production of toxic foodstuffs. Personally, Mackey is a Vegan-Yoga-Hippie-Elder and a free market libertarian. However, together Jeff & John have the business leadership skills to make an ethical, not-for-profit healthcare system work for all Americans.

As,  Obama said in his interview with Bill Maher, "we have a disease-care system, not healthcare." Single Payer and a real foods diet is the answer, everyone agrees but the VA system and Michelle's school lunch program model, would be the entitlement to end all entitlements. This time next year, the Congress will gladly take Amazon's dollar.


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