Astro-Psychology by an Astro-Psychologist

Glenn Perry,

American pro astrologer, editor and publisher. A licensed psychotherapist and Ph.D., he has a private practice in San Rafael, CA. He became a pro astrologer in 1974, backing up his work with a doctorate in clinical psychology from Saybrook Institute in San Francisco.

Perry is the founder and president of the Association for Astrological Psychology and former editor-publisher of the Journal of Astro-Psychology. He lectures and conducts workshops through the U.S. on applying astrology to counseling and psychotherapy, specializing in marriage, family and child counseling.

The author of "Post-Modern Astrology, Theory and Practice," Perry has published over 30 articles on psychological astrology. He is the clinical evaluator and adjunct professor at Antioch college, Union College and Goddard College for graduate students.

Although, Perry was an astrologer first, he talks and writes fluently in both languages. He is the first practitioner that I have found who can discourse on the topic of astrological psychology or psychological astrology in layman's lingo.


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