Measuring the Psyche

Haft to admit that Astrology Wheels with Planets, Signs and Glyphs are beautiful as well as meaningful.

Rome and my translation of the Astrology Natal chart into the picture language of the 52 Playing cards wasn't  and isn't built in a day.

My placement on the four Jungian based quadrants, no matter how many psych tests I take - including Jordan Peterson's BIG 5.


Combining the FOUR Elements of astrology with the four psych quadrants has proven to me, myself and I, that there is nothing new under the sun, since Gobekli Tepe 12,000 years ago.


Taking the Jack  of Clubs as our example, I am a Virgo, Jane Marie is a Libra, Oprah is an Aquarius and God help us, Maxine Waters is a Leo, but we are four of the 12 Jacks of the year, each with a differing Ego sign...

JACK   of Clubs: "The Card of Mental Creativity" - Life Path

Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Nep






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