"Jung believed that the psyche is a self-regulating system, rather like the body, one that seeks to maintain a balance between opposing qualities while constantly striving for growth, a process Jung called “individuation”.

In the broadest possible way, individuation can be defined as the achievement of self-actualization through a process of integrating the conscious and the unconscious.



I was a little disappointed that Milton J. Hershey, was at the time, the most famous September 13th eminence. Even though I admired his Hershey town do-gooder achievements, I easily changed allegiance for Tyler Perry and his 'Madea' persona. My big aha moment came when Robert Camp's Love Card book said I was a JACK  of Clubs.


"Take a deck of cards and relate the numbers to our modern day calendar. There are 52 cards and 52 weeks, 13 cards in each suit and 13 new moons each year, as well as 13 weeks in each season of the year, represented in the deck by the four suits. But the most amazing connection occurs when we add up the numbers on each card in the deck. In doing this, we ascribe 1 to the Ace, 2 to the two and so forth. The Jacks are 11, Queens 12 and Kings, 13. The entire deck added together equals 364. With the addition of the Joker, we get exactly the number of days in the year."
While there are 12 Jack  of Clubs, one for each month, are core Who We Truly Are, our true Self is the Jack  of Clubs with the common karmic challenge - Fear of Established Wisdom. Our differences are revealed in our Egos, Who We Think We Are and Affinity (avocational talent ) cards. We are also greatly influenced by are zodiac sign.

JACK  of Clubs

       Fire  (Do)

                         Solution         Affinity                                          

           Earth (Decide)

            Implication       Self         Virgo III        

             Water  (Develop)   

                             Problem       +karma                         

                        Air  (Dream)

      Situation          Ego         -karma                

   Karma – Fear of Established Wisdom



Ned Hermann's Upper Right Brained Geniuses 

By overlaying the astrology symbols on the four Jungian Quadrants of Analytical Psychology, every individual gains at least five additional data points for understanding Who They Truly Are. There are twelve months each with a JACK  of Clubs with differing signs and Egos but all clearly sharing a Fear of Established Wisdom.







Pisces I



Aries  I





















































Aquarius I

































































































Sagittarius II











Cancer III

























 Spiro Agnew

Scorpio II
































































 Jane Marie 

Libra III


Tyler Perry

Virgo III


































































































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