Fate or Mercer losing money with dead horse Cruz brought Bannon & Trump together

This Karmic relationship (Trump owing Bannon) is both powerful and important. It can make or break a relationship of any kind and it will depend upon the awareness and openness  of each person as to what will happen.  This connection guarantees a fairly   high degree of intensity. Because of this, it can manifest in either a positive or negative fashion. This is one connection which would work  best  if  both people made an effort to understand its dynamics. There are clear pathways for success once this understanding has been gained.

There are certain Birth Cards that, because of their position relative to each other, are known to be 'Karma Cards'. Those who are Karma Cards are much like those who have the same Birth Cards because they have a lot in common. There is a strong mirroring quality to this relationship. Any mirror-type connection is going to increase the possibility of conflict. This is because most of us have shut off certain parts of ourselves, things about ourselves that we would rather not admit to or acknowledge. In this relationship, STEVE could be a reminder to DONALD of certain negative traits he possesses. And these may be traits that he has avoided or closed off   to. What is interesting is that conversely, this connection makes DONALD a reminder of some positive traits of STEVE. When STEVE sees DONALD, he sees in him many of the good traits of his own. This is a paradoxical situation. DONALD is seeing his negative traits while STEVE is seeing his positive   traits at the same time.

This can create intensity, especially if there are other intense connections such as Saturn, Mars or Pluto between them. As a general rule, this connection will be easier for STEVE than for DONALD. And, the responsibility for the quality of this relationship will fall mostly on DONALD's shoulders. If DONALD has a good level of sel-awareness, there will be no problem. In addition, DONALD will need to be ready to help or support STEVE in any  way that shows up while they are together.


TRUMP has repaid his  - karma debt in full, to Steve BANNON's   birth card .

It has often been observed that people in Karma Card relationships either get along famously or not. When they are not, it is because one or of the partners are hampering this exchange. If STEVE is unable to receive, he will, in his own way, be undermining the potential of this relationship. The same  can be said of DONALD if he is unwilling to give. So, both partners must be open to this exchange and participate in it. When they do, this relationship will take on a magical tone. But both must be able and willing to allow this exchange to take place.

These kinds of relationships usually go one way or the other. Either they get along well or they don't. And when they don't, it can be very difficult to straighten it out. The best solution in that case may be just to work in different areas and not force the issue. The affirmations below speak of how this connection can be expressed in its highest light.

 TRUMP kept up his side of the Karmic relationship

Affirmation for DONALD "the Day of GUTSY CONFRONTATION": I appreciate my relationship with STEVE and am glad to be able to contribute to his life. I realize that STEVE is a strong mirror of myself and with this awareness I am learning much about accepting myself through my interaction with him. I open myself to give whatever is needed  with a spirit of friendship and without expectation of reward.

 BANNON soon forgot who brought him to Dance

Affirmation for STEVE the Day of ELECTRIFYING EXCITEMENT": I am grateful for the presence of DONALD in my  life. I accept all the good things that he brings into my life and respond with appreciation and gratitude. I realize how much we are alike and use this relationship to learn more about myself. I allow the exchange between us to take place by being completely open to receiving whatever he has to offer, without expectation.

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