Bloomberg's First and Last Debate?

Mini Mike had his 78th birthday on Valentine's Day. His first 52 days in Mercury are not looking too good.

The Nine  of Spades in the Mercury Period


Mercury Period: 2/14/2020 till 04/6/2020

This period may bring a sudden illness, accident, or trouble with work. This could be disappointing but will probably not last long either. This could be a sudden loss of work or some unexpected bad news. This could also be a problem encountered on a short trip such as an accident, or some trouble with a brother or sister. It is best to slow down now, take things at a safe pace until this period is over. Also watch out for negative attitudes now.


 Talking Politics Outside the Picasso Museum Malaga, Spain 

¡Mesero!: "What do you think will happen if Bloomberg runs for President?"

New Yorker John: "He'd make a great president but nobody's going to vote for a little Jewish guy from NYC."

teg: I was ready to trade in my MAGA & Bernie Bro hats until I watched the SNL video above. If Bloomberg participates in any of the remaining debates...

Feb. 19,  2020 - MSNBC/NBC News Democratic Debate (9th Debate)
Feb. 25, 2020 - CBS News Democratic Debate (10th Debate)
Mar.  2020 - March Democratic Debate (11th Debate)
Apr. 2020 - April Democratic Debate (12th Debate)


his  under card prediction makes sense." This period will bring an experience of sudden social success, perhaps at a party, group or some educational function. You will have a certain charm that will make you the belle of the ball, at least for a while. This influence will not last for long and you would do well to keep an eye on your own stubbornness in close relationships. Always getting your way may cause more harm than good when relating to loved ones at this time.

Birthday & Relationship Readings

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