Boris Johnson Elected to the JACK of Clubs Club Hall of Fame

June NINETEENTH (Jc) the Day of the SPARK:

June 19 people bring out the best and the worst in others. Rarely are they met with apathy but elicit strong responses, even when they do not seem to be acting in a provocative fashion. Just their presence alone can be somewhat intimidating and therefore arouse antagonism, but their intense drive and fortitude may also inspire admiration.
STRENGTHS: Involved,  Persistent, Challenge-Oriented
WEAKNESSES: Provocative, Troubled, Unaware

ADVICEBe a bit more contemplative. Avoid getting locked into one orientation or role. Stay in touch with the feelings of others, and remain open to compromise.

jack of clubs JACK of Clubs; this is a card of memory and as a rule, the Jack of Clubs people have this gift in an extraordinary degree. The Jack of Clubs is often called the Card of the Future. It is used as one of the symbols of the androgynous state towards which the race is evolving. Many of the women of this card have masculine minds and masculine habits in life. They are seldom domestic, never clinging vines, and have little patience with pettiness or vanity. Negatively there is irresponsibility, idle curiosity, and escape into a multitude of unfortunate life experiences, far removed from the wisdom they have come to preach. For all Jack of Clubs, victory against the many obstacles in life will be found in their positive application of knowledge and their willingness to share it!

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