Brand-Name Astrologer Validates Card Reading

 The link between Astrology and Psychology has been triggered with Robert Lee Camp's system of substituting, the symbolism of a common deck of 52 playing cards, for the signs, houses, planets, aspects, trines, on and on to an infinity of unintelligible information. Camp published his explanation Destiny Cards in 1998 with the licensed software available since 2010.

The Astro-Psychology world, has been driven by the concepts of Jungian Psychology, which relied on Archetypes, dreams and Astrology. The Astrologers and the Psychologists don't talk to each other because of the language barrier. This is the 'yuge' contribution, using the cards to facilitate understanding across the aisle of accepted science and pseudo-science.

Ernst Wilhelm is the first brand name astrologer to endorse the system. 


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