Everyone Checks Their Ammo

The Fourth Turning, by Neil Howe puts us in the Fourth Cycle of our 80 year drama with the working title, The Millennial Revolution. The American Revolution, the Civil War and the World Wars are preceding 80 year-four generation flicks. Taking an easier one, the Civil War, name the players - Lincoln, Lee and Grant and we're done.  Now, deep into the fourth quarter of The Millennial Revolution where the clock runs out in 2026 what names come to mind? Angela, Putin, Xi Jinping, Trump and bad boy Kim Jong-Un. It is safe to say that the character of the man has a lot to say about the outcome,

 The Businessman Card

Grant was lucky that Lincoln was on his side, however the SEVEN of Clubs is the Bill Clinton, John Kerry archetype, 'clever-by-half.' North Korea's one man band Kimmie is up against the Diamond Boys Choir b/c they sing in harmony. Kim although he is alone in battle he and Reagan share the same card In other words Reagan and Kim have FATE on their side. Diamonds, as Trump, Putin, Xi and the new guy Moon are, prefer to negotiate but when push comes to shove there is George Washington  and the neo George Washington can lead the charge. Obviously, Kim has his adversaries temporarily buffaloed but like Lincoln, Trump and gang have all the resources. What would Kim want to give up his nuke lifestyle?

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