Kim's Tooth Ferries Vlad & Rex

A new ferry between isolated North Korea and Russia docked for the first time at the Pacific port of Vladivostok on Thursday, in spite of U.S. calls for countries to curtail relations with Pyongyang over its nuclear and missile programs.

The ferry's Russian operators say it is purely a commercial venture, but the service's launch coincides with what some experts say is a drive by North Korea to build ties with Moscow in case its closest ally China turns its back.

Rex is the Moon Card to Vlad - Rex is the Cosmic Reward Card to Vlad - Rex and Vlad are Jupiter to each other

Rex and Vlad had a bromance over oil and now they have teamed up to save the world from itself. Tillerson ex-boss of a global corporate titan goes well with Putin's 12 years as leader of corporate Russia. On Kim's Day 13, Russia inaugurates weekly ferry service between North Korea and Vladivostok. Actions speak louder than words and while the Trump/Comey affair rages on, Vladimir Putin is in charge. Xi Jinping is not really comfortable being the bad cop so he is very happy to let Vlad take the lead as the only good cop Kim Jong-Un is going to see. While the White House is in flames, Rex has Power of Attorney and is free to collaborate with Xi, Putin and the new guy, Moon.

50,000 North Korean slaves work construction in Russia with Kim garnishing three/fourths of their salary. It is the Assad model where Russia becomes the best friend and savior for the world's two worst banditos. As business types Rex and Vlad can come up with a realistic, face saving solution


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