Why Kim Likes Launching Missiles On Sunday

Kim Jong-Un is currently in his Mars 52 day period which began on 22 April and will end on 13 June. These 52 days are the most competitive time of Kim's year and he is giving it everything he's got. Maybe, like all dictators, kings and monarchs his astrologers are telling him Sunday is the best day to launch another missile. However, Supreme Leader or not, the astrologers can't fight the war that their boss started. The 'little corporal' didn't make a move without consulting his star-gazers but he lost b/c he was a lousy general. Kim's Mars star chart has already come true as far as having the KING of Diamonds in his Mars 52 day period.

 The King of Diamonds in the Mars Period 4/22/2017 till 6/13/2017

You may also find that there are one or more men of the Diamonds suit for whom you feel some attraction or anger during this period.  Xi,  Putin,  Trump,  Mad Dog,  Moon Jae-in. It appears that the infinite organizing power has sent an entire posse of Diamonds to take down Kim. Anyway we'll know who won by Trump's birthday on June 14th or no later than Xi Jinping's birthday on June 15th.

   is displacing the Nine of Clubs this year.

This could be a culmination year for you, one in which you make some important completions in your life as you prepare to begin a new cycle. These endings may at times seem like things in your life are being torn down or taken away from you, but this is only if you are resisting letting go. You have reached a completion point along mental lines. The beliefs, ideas about life and ways of communicating that you have held are no longer good for you and must be let go.

Three generations and you're out

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