Kim Jong-Un Wants to Be Bought Off in Bitcoin

Now, that I am half-way through "The Creature from Jekyll Island" and I know where money comes from and how every Central Bank, starting with the first one, Amsterdam Wisselbank, 1609, has gone belly up, I'm wondering when the Fed will go under? I'm not alone, Wall Street has been waiting for the Fed to 'crash' since 2014 and the end of QE. What's different this time around is Bitcoin, a market driven world currency not controlled by a secret cabal e.g. the creature from Jekyll Island.

After 400 years of Eurodollar dominance, Asia is turning all their Toyota and Wal-Mart money into Bitcoin. Unfortunately, 90% of the Eurodollar inhabitants can't begin to come up with $2,400 to buy just one coin. 

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