What does Kim think of Trump?

Everyone is in your life for a reason, whether you wanted them there or not. Remember Trump's comment that he'd be honored to meet with kid Kim and he had a lot of respect for Kim Jong-Un taking over the reigns of power at 28. As the world turns they both like each other even though they haven't met in person. They are split 50-50 on the ten relationship connections but the 'Don' owns the first four. Number one, Trump is Uranus to Kim and essentially confuses the shit out of Kim just like everybody else. Even though Kim is a pretty confusing guy himself, Trump is the Master of Confusion. However, connection #2 is enough to make you go wobbly on this astrology stuff. How's this for an outline of potentials, not predictions? 

Donald is the Cosmic Lesson Card to Kim 

Donald is a reminder to Kim of how he has, or could have, an important role to play in terms of helping mankind through his work. This is about Kim's career and role in the world. 

Donald could be involved in a kind of work or playing a role in his work that is something that Kim is destined to do at some point in his future. There will be something about what Donald does or how he does it that will be a reminder to Kim's highest potential, and possibly his destiny.

But in all cases, Donald's presence in Kim's life is telling him that he should be doing this or that - essentially things that will both improve Kim's life as well as help others through his contribution to them. In many cases, our Cosmic Lesson Card is a symbol of the kind of work that we could do that would be our own highest and best personal contribution to the world. 

The fact that Kim has attracted someone who is his Cosmic Lesson Card into his life is probably an indication that he is ready to achieve some of his potential, or that Kim will be led to his rightful place, work or career-wise, by Donald's influence in his life.  For the sake of humanity, we hope so.

To verify that Kim got Trump as his Cosmic Lesson here is chart for all  SIX of Spades









 My mother, my life nemesis, was a THREE of Diamonds, was she my Cosmic Lesson? Quick, like a flash, I arose from my couch to look in Robert Lee Camp's Love Cards book.

Oh! Aha, it's the SIX of Clubs. That's my step-daughter's Birth Card and she is coming to live with us in a couple of weeks. I guess to teach old dogs new tricks.

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