Kim Makes Xi Lose 'Face'

Xi doesn't mind if Kimmie shoots off rockets every now and then, but never ever when Xi is having a world party. Xi invited at least 30 countries to Beijing for his One Belt One Road - new Silk Road presentation. 

The US sent an inter-agency delegation led by Matthew Pottinger, a top adviser to the Trump administration and National Security Council senior director for East Asia. The decision emanated directly from the meeting between the Xi and the 'Don" in Florida last month. India refused to send an official delegation to Beijing, reflecting displeasure with China for developing a $57 billion trade corridor through Pakistan that also crosses the disputed territory of Kashmir.

Vlad played the piano at Xi's house, everything was going as planned when Kimmie fired his latest big bad almost an ICBM within 60 miles of Russia. The two day event began on Sunday with a BIG BANG from Kimlandia, causing Xi and China to lose FACE big time. Xi made Obama get off the ass end of Air Force One as payback for Obama calling the Chinese "free-riders" numerous times. Kim Jong-Un will pay, maybe not on Day 9 but for sure before Day 99.

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