"If I had my life to live over again I should devote myself to psychic research rather than psychoanalysis" Sigmund Freud

Dr. Glenn R. Perry the Zodiac Man

Though the zodiac calendar has existed for many thousands of years, it really splits opinion around the world as to its accuracy and effectiveness as a tool for understanding people’s personalities. However, once past the surface level, there are actually a lot of parallels we can draw between psychology and astrology. The two coexist within the human psyche – the development of our personalities and how our thoughts and actions are influenced by these are key examples.

Most importantly, however, they can give a real insight into why we interact with one another in certain ways, and why some pairings between signs work so beautifully, while others will fall apart. 

Here we will take a look at 4 surprising links between psychology and astrology, to show you how you can better acknowledge and understand your relationship dynamics based on astrology, but from a psychological perspective.

 Astrology Used in Teaching Research Methods


At the University of Cincinnati, astrology is a key component in the introductory classes for students of psychology.

They use astrology as the lens through which they teach students in these introductory classes, and use it to show how to develop and test hypotheses.

This advances the students’ psychological and analytical skills, taking into account thoughts on human behavior, probability, and statistical significance.

The use of this  framework as the initial introduction to various psychological concepts proves a strong link between the two schools of thought.

Psychology has an Entire Field Dedicated to Horoscopes

This might come as a surprise to some, but there is actually a whole sub-section of psychology that is dedicated to horoscopes, planetary movements, and how these impact on humanistic behaviors.

This area of psychology is part of the school of humanistic psychology, which holds analysis of, and understanding of, human potential, creativity, and free will at its core.

There have been some pretty significant studies within this area linking human psychology with astrology. In 1936 Dane Rudhyar published a book titled “The Astrology of Personality” which revealed that astrology is not there to predict future events, but rather to help bring order to our lives. The collision between the ancient understanding of astrology and the modern application of psychology completely transforms its significance in our lives.


Rudhyar also explains how the basis of all modern scientific understanding was originally born from astrology – it was a human fascination with the stars and planets which lead to the development of scientific theories and concepts to better understand them.

With such a historic bond between the two schools, it is undeniable that they are linked with one another and can inform one another.

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