"I looked into his eyes and saw his soul."

Ole' Denny Johnson is not just 'smoking dope' when he states that the eyes reveal the Soul in the earth, fire, air and water sense.

Earthlings: Virgo, Capricorn & Taurus folks end up as "Streams," borrow from the other three e.g. Stream-Jewel or Stream-Flower. Fires:aka "Shakers" Leo, Sagittarius, & Aries incorporate all three Flowers, Jewels and Streams. The four white lights in the pupil are from the camera to take the close-in photo - especially necessary with brown eyes.

The brown dots & dark patches can be mapped to a) which eye has the most stuff determines brain dominance, b) Extroversion - Introversion gleaned by the rim around the pupil, c) location of the dots tied to emotional relationships with parents or inherited behaviors.

When George 'W' said that he saw into Putin's Soul, he was an amateur Rayid practitioner. Putin has a dark patch at 6 o'clock in left eye, indicating right brain dominance. Putin is a Libra II and as an October 7 Air sign, he should be a "Jewel." I'm sure George 'W' got a lot closer look-see but from the photo Vlad appears to be a "Stream-Jewel." The cards say: 


 Jewel   Self  (Soul)                                      Stream      Ego


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