"Emotional Intelligence" - Open Loop Limbic System

We were seated by IQ in my 6th grade class. Girls occupied the first fivedesk chairs in the first row. That was scholastically acceptable in the 50's, not so today.


Today the school 'shrink' evaluates the students' Limbic System levels of disturbance to determine the appropriate cocktail of psychothropic drugs.


Open Loop Limbic System 

Weatherhead School of Management - Case Western Reserve University. Where I was exposed to the Open Loop Limbic System: "Teg you do not belong in business school." - Dr. David Kolb


Experiential Learning Cycle


Emotional Intelligence I found the role of emotional intelligence in leadership particularly compelling. With Richard Boyatzis—who had been a fellow graduate student with McClelland, and now teaches in the business school at Case Western—and his former student Annie McKee, who heads the consulting firm Teleos Institute, I wrote Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence. - Daniel Goleman


Emotional Intelligence: Improve Your EQ for Business and Relationships: Unleash the Empath in You

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