Expect the Unexpected from Trump in Uranus

Jim Rickards says Trump is going to call the G-7 Finance Ministers to Mar-del-Lago to put the world back on the Gold standard sell gold when it goes above $10,500 and buy when below $9,500/oz. Rickards keeps moving the goal posts to the current March 23rd 2018 location.

Trump has past through Mars (the War God), achieved his only legislative success (tax cuts) in Jupiter and escapes Saturn at midnight EST March 1st, when he enters Uranus: "expect the unexpected."

El Don is currently in his Saturn Period, unless you groove on being beaten about the head and shoulders, 52 days in Saturn is no fun for anybody. With the Stock Market 12% drop in February, the USD Index below 90% and GDP back to 2.5%, the Don has few things to brag about on the economy.

Trump in Uranus from March 2 to April 23

 Success in spiritual study and working with groups (G-7) is highlighted now. The power and charm that you are now experiencing can be applied in your work or humanitarian endeavors (save the global financial system) with great success. You should find that you are successful wherever you direct this power during this period, though spiritually related activities are highlighted by the influence of Uranus. This is a card of cooperation among friends and co-workers (appointment of Jay Powell as Fed Chair + four other Fed governors).

Because of the power of this card, it is almost a guarantee that this will be a very successful and prosperous period.

This period brings success in your work, real estate, land or farming, labor groups, or service organizations. This can also mean satisfaction in gaining wisdom or in some form of intuitive development. This is a strong influence for getting a home or house. You have strong intuitive powers now and can use it profitably. This is a great influence for professional psychics or those using their intuitive gifts. Relations with co-workers is good now and contributes to your success.

This influence is a strongly grounding force that will bring satisfaction in this period regardless of what card may appear as your other Uranus Card. The net and overall result of this period will be satisfaction and contentment (especially if he saves the world's bacon).

 If Trump and the G-7 boys & girls are going to do it, now is the time, with a  and  Trump couldn't have better cards to sell the deal. After April 23 Trump goes into Neptune la-la land, until his birthday on June 14th. Nothing really exciting or productive happens in Mercury and Venus until he comes back into Mars at the end of September 2019.


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