Only the Shadow Knows, Get to Know Your Shadow

Many cultures believe that our souls choose our families before we are born. Our parents, siblings, and even the time and place we are born are all chosen because our souls have determined that this is how we will learn best on our journey of life. Ideally, our family would embody unconditional support and understanding during our time together. However, for many of us, this is not the case.

The mental thought patterns (Psychological Projection) that cause the most dis-ease in the body are CRITICISM, ANGER, RESENTMENT, and GUILT. If we weren't afraid of our Shadow we wouldn't sabotage our relationships with ourselves and others. Today thanks to Jung and the evolution of Astro-Psychology, ignorance of the Self - Shadow and all - is no longer an excuse. Take today, Friday April 13, 2018 as an example:

Right out of the box, all EIGHT  of Diamonds "The Sun Card" are a force to be reckoned with because their  Birth Card. like the Sun it represents, is a source of Power and Energy. The + Karma SEVEN  of Clubs "Spiritual Knowledge" keeps them on the Path of Honesty, Trust. Integrity, and Goodness. Lastly their - Karma Card, their hidden talent, the QUEEN  of Spades "Self Mastery," comes standard at birth, no need to spend countless hours learning what they can do well.

So, what could go wrong? No  HEART, is included or embedded in their otherwise right thinking, Who They Are, soul. To compensate, they fear, that they must maintain - Material Control. 8 of Diamonds see Money as Power and don't want to lose their money and thus their power.

When you add the person's birth sign and accompanying Ego Card, life and fear of our shadow, gets a whole lot more complicated.

January 19 Capricorn- Aquarius Cusp,  February 17 Aquarius-Pisces Cusp,  March 15 Pisces III,  April 13 Aries III,  May 11Taurus III,  June 9 Gemini II,  July 7 Cancer II,  August 5 Leo II,  September 3 Virgo II,  October 1 Libra I.

Here is what April 13th the EIGHT  of Diamonds Day of the ICONOCLAST looks like on Dr. David Kolb's Learning Style Inventory:

Introducing the ACE  of Clubs "Desire for Knowledge" Card splits the persona into two contenders for April 13th Aries III's consciousness, plus another karmic fear or challenge; Karma for the ACE of Clubs - Emotional Stability. Now, wouldn't you know it, here April 13th is born without a heart card and inherits an Ego that's worried about Emotional Stability. 

How is all this information about me and my shadow supposed to help me with the curse of Psychological Projection? Never fear, the predictive nature of Astrology has written the script for the Day of the ICONOCLAST, somewhere before the beginning of time and all you have to do, is play your part in the Dharma Drama.

You can study those Born On This Day: Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Beckett, Garry Kasparov 40 SeductionFrank W. Woolworth, Madalyn O'Hair, Tony Dow 39 OriginalityChristopher Hitchens 28 Discovery for comparison. Then read the biography of those who tread the same karmic path (Dharma) as your birth year. If you are knowingly going where you chose to go in the first place, Psychological Projection of Criticism, Anger, Resentment, and Guilt towards yourself and others would be unthinkable.


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