Finding Your Dharma

Rank order 1,2,3 & 4 the words most like the you, you.

Psychometric testing is about Linguistics, it's Connotative rather than Cognitive. Therefore it is Ego based, What do you think of you or who do you think you are? In the 'think therefore I am' analysis we end up with four basic Personality Types: Red, Yellow, Blue & Green or Bull, Tiger, Lamb & Owl.

Red words beget the Bull, Yellow words for the Tiger, Blue equates to a Lamb personality and Green is the Owl. The first word choice represents your core talent.

Jung wrote "Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity". Jungian Quadrant Theory is the foundation for Psychometrics but one of the first astrologers to combine Jungian psychology with astrology was Dane Rudhyar and his protege, Alexander Ruperti. Rudhyar termed it "humanistic astrology," the subject of his monumental volume, The Astrology of Personality, published in 1936.

Astrological Quadrants

Placing birth chart astrological information on the standard psychometric quadrant format tells the whole story of an individual's psyche. Whether you answer 66 connotative questions on the Myers-Briggs or 25-35 'most like - least like' connotative questions on most psych instruments it's your Ego talking, who you think you are. Freud and certainly Jung, would be so proud that we have 'split the atom' of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology.


My Ego was doing all the talking: 1) Synthesizing 2) Holistic 3) Intuitive & 4) Conceptual. When I compare this with my Birth Card chart I am really an Owl who wants to be a Tiger dressed in Sheep's clothing.

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