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Karen Guo "Icebreaker" Yellow River Toastmasters September 2020


This particular year may be one of the most life-changing you have had. Generally, when someone is in this mystic position, they make some important decisions about changes in their life, important changes that lead to more happiness and fulfillment.


The September 1st BLESSED Card

As you enter this year, it is wise to be asking yourself what sorts of changes in your life would be more life-enhancing and fulfilling. This might mean a change of career, lifestyle, relationships, or all the above. These changes could be seen by others as drastic in nature, but for you, they will be necessary ones. 


Karen: How are all you Zhengzhouren doing? The cards say you get your wish fulfilled this year. The forecast (focus, script, reading) suggests to me you are going to move.


 Self "Material Control"



The Five  of Spades as the Long Range Card The Five of Spades is the strongest indicator of travel or moving your home or your business, but on a deeper level, it means a change that will somehow affect what you do every day, a change of 'lifestyle'. 


 Ego "Power in Work"



The Five  of Diamonds as the Long Range Card This will be an important year of transition for you that will leave you in an entirely new place by your next birthday. A fundamental change in what is most important to you will be likely to cause major changes in your job, approach to money and even relationships. You could even move to a new location during this powerful transition.





  Whatever good things happen this year, are your karmic rewards for being the best teacher, mother, wife and friend anyone could ever have.

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