Fortune-Telling Begins at Home


The cobbler's son has no shoes, the fortune-teller spends all his time jabbering to one and all that this stuff really works, forgetting that that includes the fortune-teller. I have been 'festering' (I got the malady from Esther who was always shuffling through her collection of Christian Science Monitors). For the last couple of weeks I have been 'festering' over how to get 365 days of stuff to fit on the tiny screen, the smartphone.



In a fit of desperation, I prayed, and I was galatically directed to look at the widget on my home page -wallah, I have been in Mars since the day after Christmas.


 I used to check-in almost daily when the widget was only on Robert Camp's home page.


  Of course I went over my Birthday Reading from beginning to end back in September and got the good news forecast of the FOUR of Hearts FAMILY Card "Protection in Relationships."


 However, every 52 days the 'script' changes from Mercury - Venus- Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Neptune, with MARS & SATURN being the most challenging. Like the weather it is wise to look ahead. I still use the Boomer analog method of stepping out on our "balkon." 


QUEEN  of Clubs (Wands) in Tarot

Today when I saw that my Christmas gift (that I hadn't opened) was the QUEEN of Clubs "The Mother of Intuition" my 'festering' made sense.



  As the "Mother of Intuition" I was festering over getting everything done by the end of Mars on 16 February.



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