T.G.I.Friday My Saturn Day Is Almost Over!

 Saturn Capricorn in the 10th House with Gemini on the outside. What's the meaning of that? BE ALL YOU CAN BE!

My Transit Period Guide By Adrian Duncan: 

Advice for 4 January 2019 Astrological Transit: Transiting Sun positive your Moon EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS: Good times for home and family. Emotions and instincts come to the surface and create a feel-good atmosphere.

QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF 1. How can I improve my sense of security? Answer: Exude confidence, and have faith in your natural abilities. Focus on your needs and assert your will. 2. How can I best benefit my family? Answer: Take the lead and set an example for the others. Others may depend on you, but don't you try to depend on them. 3. How can I be more fully myself? Answer: Express your feelings! Give nurture and support. Show empathy. This is the time to show the caring side of your nature.



I always feared Fridays because Friday was layoff day, at the international engineering construction company, where I worked. In Brazil it was called the day of the Falcão (hawk) and the engineering manager was the falconer. It seems to me, that business in general, like the stock market, wants to wrap things up by Friday at four o'clock Unfortunately, my mother enabled me to take my first breath on a Monday/Mercury, putting me on a Tuesday/Venus, Wednesday/Mars, Thursday/Jupiter, Friday/Saturn, Saturday/Uranus, Sunday/Neptune regimen. 

My January 4 (Saturn Day) Destiny Card Reading

The TWO  of Clubs "The Conversation Card" means conversation, communication, sharing ideas and cooperation on a communication level. However, it is also known as the card of fear and arguing. When it is present you may feel compelled to talk to others and to establish lines of communication.

Look deeper into yourself and you may discover an inner conflict between your desire to be alone and to be with others. Talking to others may shed more light on who you are. Just make sure that you are being honest with yourself.

This is your Saturn Day, usually the hardest day of the week but also one where a lot can get accomplished if you work hard.

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