Gates and Jobs Found Dharma

 October 28, 1955

October (7h) TWENTY-EIGHTH the Day of RESEARCH: Those born on October 28 believe in being well prepared. Before they speak on a given subject or allow themselves to invest their time, money and energy in a career or business they generally make an effort to comprehend the complexities involved. In addition, research continues to aid them in their undertakings once they are on the rails. "Doing their homework" is a kind of compulsion for many born on this day who hate above all things the embarrassment of being caught unprepared. Their efforts can go to neurotic extremes, where they experience anxiety over meeting deadlines, arriving on time and maintaining control and order in their work.

 12 The Way of AMPLIFICATION: Seeker to Titan: The life purpose of those on the Way of Amplification is to choose a path and live it large - to live out loud. To do this, they must learn to think for the long term and see the big picture, rather than wasting their energy flitting from one project, interest, or person to another. Individuals on the Way of Amplification are asked to create a life that is greater than who they think themselves to be or even the sum of their parts. These individuals come into the world as Seekers and thus naturally exhibit a desire to learn about larger or more universal concepts and issues. On this karmic path, they will eventually learn to live according to such higher, broader, more expansive views. Born with a pragmatic orientation, those on the Way of Amplification must take care not to be bound down or tethered by the mundane details of life but rather to dare to dream and to reach for the stars. Of course, the hard-headed, commonsense attitude that is their blessing is a fine gift and should never be abandoned, particularly in financial matters. But unless those on this karmic path are ready to go for greatness when the opportunity arises, they will sell themselves short and fail to achieve what they are capable of.

NOTABLES ON THIS KARMIC PATH: Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Betty Ford, Ella Fitzgerald, Jack Parr, Billy Bob Thornton, Noel Coward, Lou Rawls, Mike Wallace, O. Henry, George Washington, Humphrey Bogart, Yo Yo Ma, Ingmar Bergman, Boris Spassky, Maria Shriver, Mary Tyler Moore, Anna Pavlova, Vanessa Redgrave;


Hearts - Emotions - Relationships - Love
7 of Hearts - Obstacles in Love
Karma for the 7 of Hearts - Jealousy

SEVEN of  Hearts: The SPIRITUAL LOVE Card:  The Seven of Hearts has a quest for the truth about love and relationships. They are old souls who have come here to reach the highest in these areas, "or else". With two nines in their Life Path, they have come to complete a grand cycle in their soul's work and to let go of many things so that they may progress to the next level. These people must learn to let go of all personal attachments and give to others without expectation of return or reward. 

 February 24, 1955


February (Ad) TWENTY-FOURTH the Day of SACRIFICE: Sacrifice is a pivotal theme in the lives of February 24 people, and can manifest in a variety of ways. Those born on this day often sacrifice their own concerns - to a cause, parental wishes, or the desires of a mate or family. Typically they themselves demand a great degree of sacrifice from others, particular loved ones.

 13 The Way of Expression - Magic to Prophecy: Individuals on the Way of Expression come into this lifetime with spiritual faculties that allow them to look into the hearts and minds of others. Not only are they highly empathic, but their intuitive and even psychic abilities are so well developed that one may ask, What were they up to in previous incarnations? Blessed with many magical gifts, the individuals on this karmic path are fated not only to be in touch with unseen realms but to express their visionary views. Though the fact that their intuitive side is highly developed means they could easily withdraw from the world into religious retreat, it is their destiny to participate fully in the world through the full and positive articulation of their gifts. Those on the way of Expression are called to be a prophet of a sort.

However, the most successful prophets are perhaps those who do not make elaborate calculations or inspired guesses but rather create the future through their own actions, thus ensuring the success of their prophecies.

NOTABLES ON THIS KARMIC PATH: Fred Astaire, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Vaclav Havel, John Grisham, Reba McEntire, Duke Ellington, Kris Kristofferson, Greg Norman, Gary Sinise, E. B. White, Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock, Wilt Chamberlain, Jim Henson, Indira Gandhi; Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

Diamonds - Values - Security - Dharma,
Meaning of the Ace of Diamonds - I AM Worth,
Karma – Acquisition. 

ACE of  Diamonds: The Card of DESIRE for MONEY and LOVE: The inherent passion in this card can be expressed in a variety of ways but it always seems difficult for them to have both money and love at the same time. Perhaps this is because there is not enough energy to acquire as much as they want of both. In any case we find these people striving to attain one or both most of the time. They are often loners in spite of their desire for love contact. They can be impatient and mercenary, or they can be the greatest givers. These people are creative and capable of working two jobs at once. They meet new people every day and much of their good fortune comes from these meetings. Romantically, they are often indecisive, or they attract others that have difficulty making decisions. They like to be away from their loved ones for periods of time. All of them are inclined to be psychic. If money or power does not take top priority in their values, they can have lives of great satisfaction and accomplishment.

Gates the Seeker to Titan and Jobs the Magic to Prophecy both found dharma and played the cards they were dealt 'hugely' well. Gates was always jealous of Jobs and Jobs was always involved in the acquisition of toys, wealth and lifestyle. After, his death. Apple became the most valued company in the world, while Gates keeps getting richer while giving the money away. Both men are right brained  but Gates has the KING of  Diamonds, "The Businessman Card," under DREAM and on the Left-Brained side under DO he has the ACE of  Spades, "The Card of Ambition."


                            Karma – Acquisition.        Karma for the 7 of  Hearts - Jealousy

Gates said, "I’d give a lot to have Steve’s taste."

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