Happy New Year to All at 52

You are in Your 'Critical Year'

Research has shown that the Age 52 year is one of great significance. In one manner of speaking, it represents an important decision that is made in our life - the decision to truly live or not.

midlife crisis is a transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in middle-aged individuals, typically 45-55 years old.

 Jungian theory holds that mid-life is key to individuation, a process of self-actualization and self-awareness that contains many potential paradoxes.[17] Although Carl Jung did not describe midlife crisis per se, the mid-life integration of thinking, sensation, feeling, and intuition that he describes could, it seems, lead to confusion about one's life and goals.


Lifetime Karmic Path

Jack  of Clubs: The Card of Mental Creativity















Welcome to the  Saturn 52 to 64




 Astro-Psychometric Quadrants

  At 45 the cards start over from birth lending credence to the definition of Mid-Life Transition as the adult reliving their Childhood  for clues on what they missed. Identifying their Wound shows why they missed what they missed.

At 52 we all, big and tall go from Jupiter (39-51) to Saturn (52-64) in the hope that we Evolve. All you have to do is find your Birth Card then request a Birthday Reading for yourself or someone you admire with the same card. Using the JACK of Clubs example I picked Oprah.

The forecast, the 'script' when Oprah and I were fifty-two says we were the Queen of Spades "the Card of Self-Mastery" as our Long Range Card, our theme, our focus for the coming year.

The Queen  of Spades is the card of 'self-mastery' and many of those represented by this card have accomplished just that. They have an inner calm that speaks of knowledge and experience that can be successfully applied to any area. In any case they are good business people with strong character. Their work is often a 'labor of the spirit', meaning that they do it for more than just the material rewards it offers.

"One of these two guys, just loves to sell new homes!"

Oprah was well on her way to billionairess and I got off the street with the above response to a New Home Sales Counselor ad.

To truly live means to make choices from that part of us that loves our life and is glad for the opportunity to be here on the planet. The opposite of this is to live our life always from our fear side, always sacrificing that which would make us happy by doing everything in our power to avoid that which we are afraid of. All of us have fears and all that separates those who are 'alive' from those who are 'dead' is the ability to face these fears and to make conscious choices in spite of them. It is only those who never question their fear-based decisions that end up in lives that are going nowhere, lives that have little happiness or joy.

SIX  of Hearts the "Peacemaker"

During this 52nd year, you will be given an opportunity to deal with several of the most important fear-based challenges of your life. To a large extent, these challenges are signified by your Environment Card in your Birth Card's Spread. It would be a good idea to study the significance of this card carefully. In some way, it represents one of your most important lifetime challenges. What's so important this year is that though this card represents a lifetime challenge, because it falls in the Environment position, it is literally given to you as a blessing without effort this year. It will be very easy to deal with this card this year and to access it on it's most positive and powerful side. Therefore, it can represent the last opportunity in this lifetime to overcome this challenge. It seems to be true that those who do not 'get it' during this year, never do. It represents a final and loving call from our soul to rise up and claim our birthright of happiness and joy.


 "When's your Birthday?"

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