Harvey Winestein's Karma Arrives with Five Days to Spare

 The Jupiter Period is the one that falls in the middle of your personal year. During this period, the focus is usually on business and financial matters, though it is not restricted to these alone. Harvey's 52 Days of Jupiter ran from August 22nd to October 10th. The New York Times article chronicling his exploits was published on October 5th. 

 This card indicates extravagant tastes and poor judgment with money which can cause financial loss to the point of discomfort. It is likely that a job or occupation could come to an end now, 

 During this period, you will likely experience a major completion or ending of a line of work or livelihood. This ending will in some way affect your basic lifestyle in an important way. It appears you have been doing a certain occupation for a long time and now is the time to move on to something new. Don't resist these endings as they are positively leading you to a new, more exciting and more prosperous future. Even if you get fired, this will inevitably lead to something much better with this influence.

 Your Pluto Card is also a very important card in the Yearly Spread. It signifies something or someone that will cause a significant change in some part of your life. It may define an area where you experience a 'mini-death' in your life, a place where you release a negative pattern to make room for a more positive  way of life.

 Health and work issues could take the spotlight for you this year as this heavy-duty 'karma card' brings you the results of your past actions, both good and bad. The Six of Spades card tends to create peace and balance in all things and this may require the payment of past debts.

The SIX  of Spades is the nail in Harvey's coffin, the card of FATE, you can run for 65 years in Harvey's case, but you can't hide

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