How Bernie & Donnie Saved America

Bernie  was the most popular Democratic presidential candidate, even though he was an Independent. Donnie was the most hated Republican candidate, but he was the most entertaining. The Democratic Party, the evil party, screwed over uncle Bernie which allowed the stupid party to play by their winner-take-all rules and nominate Donnie.

There's a reason for everything. There's a hidden meaning behind all events. In 2016 the people were fed up with Democrats, Republicans, Congress and Government - the status quo. So the 'infinite organizing power' sent the THREE of Diamonds "Puzzling Purist" Bernie Sanders to setup the electorate for a knockout punch from the THREE of Diamonds "Gutsy Confrontation" Donald Trump

The THREE  of Diamonds is the worst card in the deck, being nice, it is the most challenging. The June 14th (3d) is the more aggressive, think Che (3d) Guevara , versus Bernie's seamlessly honest approach ala George (3d) Washington . "Yes, father, I did chop down that cherry tree."

Bernie and Donnie saved America from the corrupted two party system. The 2020 or even the 2018 election will be up to (5d) Zuckerberg and his Millennials.

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