How to Let go of Fear and Release Karma

Dolores Cannon on How to Let go of Fear and Release Karma

"If we do our Karma, Dharma will take care of itself"

An astrological chart gives a picture of your Karmic probabilities. A competent astrologer can interpret your chart and give you advice concerning the possible effects Karma will play in different areas and at different times of your life. 

Vedanta says that all your Karma is stored in the Jiva, the individual soul, or the aspect of the soul conditioned by Karma. Vedanta describes three types of Karma: that which you have chosen to process during this particular birth, that which is stored for later births, and the new Karma you generate every moment of your existence. 

Vedanta says that if you understand Dharma and Karma, you will know everything. Dharma is usually defined as purpose or truth. When you find your true purpose in life and live in total alignment with that, your actions will become spontaneously correct and you will never create Karma.

"The Karma and Dharma are not related to each other. Either Karma can have its existence or Dharma can have its existence. It is impossible that both can have existence at the same time. If a person dies in Dharma then there is no birth again and if a person dies in Karma then there is rebirth to continue in Karma" - Deepak Chopra . 

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