Hunter's Mid-Life Crisis

Hunter 4 February 1970 age 50 "the-day-of-the-curveballer"


The Five  of Spades in the Uranus Period

During this period you will have a change of some importance. This could be a change of profession or a change in the labor force of a business. This is also a strong indicator of a sale of real estate or a change of residence, both of which might be unexpected. Changes or travel that happen now may happen unexpectedly and may leave you feeling somewhat insecure or unsettled. These changes are most likely overdue and beneficial in many ways.


Hunter Biden at fifty, is half way through his mid-life transition

Be cautious in all business dealings under this influence and avoid drugs and alcohol. The possibility of deception and confusion is very high during this period and there is a possibility of getting involved in some 'pie in the sky' scheme. This card can also indicate a change in occupation.

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