If You Believe in Fate You Can Relate

All the king's men and all the king's horses didn't deny Bernie the win again. It was fate. Why? In 2019 Bernie turned seventy-eight. To rub karmic salt in the wound, read why the Bern had to give his lame endorsement of uncle Joe...



"Gutsy Confrontation"                     "Puzzling Purist" 





















THREE  of Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 24 (Aquarius), George Washington (67) (February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1799) (Pisces), March 20 (Pisces), April 18 (Aries), May 16 (Taurus), Trump (73) June 14, 1946 (Gemini), July 12 (Cancer), August 10 (Leo), Bernie (78) September 8,1941 (Virgo), October 6 (Libra), November 4 (Scorpio), December 2 (Sagittarius);


 Sixty-Five to Seventy-Seven


    NINE  of Clubs               URANUS Glymph           QUEEN  of Hearts

Trump's 13-Year NINE  of Clubs Period 2011 to 2024

This can be a period of disappointment and loss or one of spiritual fulfillment. And how you experience it will be determined mostly by your level of spiritual awareness. Most people in today’s world consider Nines to be the worst cards in the deck. This is because Nines represent endings and most of us do not like endings. But this card can also mean mental enlightenment. The Nine of Clubs literally means ‘completion of plans or ideas’. When this card appears, it will signal a time when some ideas, ways of thinking or communicating, or some personal plans of yours are ready to end. If you choose to resist this ending, you will experience great disappointment, stubbornly holding on to ways of thinking, ideas, beliefs, or plans that are no longer useful or helpful to you. If it seems that things are going against you when this card is present, it is probably because you are resisting letting go of some of these things, that, are no longer serving your highest good.

On the positive side, you are ready to awaken to a new and higher way of thinking that will be better than you have imagined. The Nine of Clubs has been known to signal a time when powerful spiritual experiences may occur, such as universal consciousness, and indicates the success of any endeavors that involve spreading higher truths to the world.



The underlying Queen  of Hearts says that love, sex, family and children will also play prominent roles in your life at this time. You could even experience a ‘love of a lifetime’.


Seventy-Eight to Ninety

Some General Information About the Neptune 13-Year Period Cards
Uranus and Neptune are the spiritual periods of our life. The dates for their
beginning and ending vary quite a bit and depend upon factors such as how long we live and the quality of the life we have lead up to their beginning. But, in general, these are the periods where we retire from actively working and pursue other interests. Some will pursue
spiritual goals exclusively, especially in the Neptune period. But some will mover towards political and social goals in the Uranus period as well as spiritual pursuits.

The Uranus period is usually about connecting with our spiritual family. It is usually in this period that we choose a religion, if we haven't already. We become more active in our chosen groups during both these cycles as we prepare a place for ourselves in the life hereafter. Your particular group may not be a spiritual group per se, but it will be one to which you feel that you belong on a deep level.

These periods should provide us with the freedom to explore the deeper meanings of life. And many of us will have profound spiritual experiences and revelations during these periods. As a result of the wisdom we have gained, we are able to lead a happy life with minimal effort and strain. We become like a gentle breeze flowing through the trees. And life can be quite delightful as we grow closer to God. Many will hear Him and feel more
attuned to Him and His creation during these cycles of life.



Bernie's  Nine  of Spades Period 2019 to 2032



NINE  of Clubs                  NEPTUNE Glymph              KING   of Hearts


During this 13-year period you are likely to experience some significant losses in your life. These may be events that seem like tragedies to most people. And you will have to be prepared to give up most anything that God may seem to demand of you now. This is probably the most powerful card of endings in the deck of cards. But the endings that it brings are also blessings in disguise.


NINE  of Spades (Swords) in Tarot

The Nine  of Spades can be a card of loss and disappointment. However, the true nature of the card reveals that its presence in your life for any period of time does not have to be a disaster. In actuality, the Nine of Spades represents making a completion of some importance. Whether this is the end of a certain occupation, way of life, the loss of certain important relationships, or the ending of a way of being in regards your health and body will depend upon the position of the card and the circumstances in your life during this period. But rest assured that some important aspect of your life is coming to an end when this potent card shows up.

This card encourages us to let go. And as human beings we tend to resist letting go in a big way. But letting go is often exactly what is needed to get us to a better place in our life, even though we do not know that at the time. Powerful spiritual experiences may occur during this time to show you that everything that is happening is for a divine and good purpose. And some people will achieve important goals in spiritual work with this influence.


KING  of Hearts (Cups) in Tarot



Joe Biden November 20,  1942 turns 78 after the November 4th election and joins Bernie September 8, 1941 in the 13 Year Neptune Period of life.



The underlying King  of Hearts points to an important person in your life, usually a kind hearted man who will guide you. For women, this card can also represent a lover or husband.


The Jack of Clubs Club In 2016 I felt the Bern, all $54 worth, now 76 1/2 I'm about to join Bernie & Joe in the age of Neptune.



What's the Plan Stan?

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