Jeffrey Epstein "The Free Wheeler"


Those born on January 20 are intensely alive individuals who are very comfortable following their impulses wherever they lead. The capacity to make snap decisions and act on them is highly characteristic of people born on this day. Improvisatory rather than painstaking they take life as it comes - no matter how chaotic or upsetting it is, they feel they can handle it. Their own internal state is often chaotic as well, although they miraculously impart an orderliness to their work, most often due to technical ease in their particular medium.

Jeffrey's Soul (Birth)  Card Reading

The Cards Influencing Your Mars Period

Your Mars Period lasts from 4 May till 25 June 2019

About the Mars Period Cards from This Spread

The Mars Period is the one that always begins approximately 104 days after your birthday each year. During this period, you are likely to have more physical and aggressive energies. For this reason, this is a good time to get involved in physical pursuits or to actively pursue your goals.

Mars Period Cards also govern our relationships with men in general and with any legal matters we are involved in. If you are involved in a legal suit of any kind, the Mars Cards will indicate the probable success or failure of these pursuits.

The cards below are from your Birth Card's Yearly Spread. Therefore, they are some of the more important Mars Cards of the year and will apply specifically to the areas of your life and personality that are represented by your Birth Card.

Your Direct Mars Card


The Ace of Spades in the Mars Period

This card can represent a secret love affair or marriage, especially for women. There could be involvement in secret work or investigative work. On a mundane level, this card often shows up when we begin a new job or line of work. The Ace of Spades in Mars is probably the most passionate and aggressive combination of influences possible. With this powerful card in this position you have all the drive and ambition you need to excel at anything you do. You might find many answers to your problems by applying a spiritual approach. Just be careful not to overdo things during this period. Excessiveness can be dangerous at times.


Your Vertical Mars Card


The Six of Spades in the Mars Period

This period may bring the settlement of a lawsuit or of some dealings with men. This card indicates steady employment and steady health and neutralizes any influence that promotes change. If you are involved in a legal matter, rest assured that the outcome will be strictly just in all ways. You should be careful of all aggressive actions and expressions now as this powerful karmic influence promises that you will get back exactly what you put out.

The Cards Influencing Your Jupiter Period

Your Jupiter Period lasts from 25 June till 16 August 2019


About the Jupiter Period Cards from This Spread

The Jupiter Period is the one that falls in the middle of your personal year. During this period, the focus is usually on business and financial matters, though it is not restricted to these alone. The two cards found in this period will combine to tell you what influences are present and therefore, what is likely to occur.

Our Jupiter Cards often tell us what or who are the biggest blessings of the year, especially along financial lines. If we involve ourselves in activities related to our Jupiter Cards, we could see an increase in our finances through those directions.

The cards below are from your Birth Card's Yearly Spread. Therefore, they are some of the more important Jupiter Cards of the year and will apply specifically to the areas of your life and personality that are represented by this card.


Your Direct Jupiter Card


The Nine of Clubs in the Jupiter Period

This influence brings financial success through the spreading of knowledge or by doing some sort of spiritual teaching. It also suggests that this period will bring the culmination of a project or way of making money that was started some time ago. Though endings are often interpreted as losses, because this card falls in the Jupiter period, it is certain that this completion will bring you more of what you truly want out of life. Some of your best chances for success now lie in applying a universal and giving approach in your work while recognizing the power of your own mind.

Don't resist any endings or completions that may occur during this period. They will quickly bring you to a new beginning with much better things in store for you.


Jeffrey's Ego (Planetary Ruling)  Card Reading

The Cards that influence your entire year.

This section has influences from your Ego (Planetary Ruling)  Card. Though not quite as significant as your Birth Card's influences these will, just the same, be things that occur in your life and some may be very important. Keep in mind that these two spreads represent two separate things happening during the same time period. There is no need to try and combine their influences.

Your Long Range Card


Your Long Range Card is perhaps the most important card of the year. It defines something or someone that will be a major focus of your attention. It is neither positive or negative, just a place where a lot of your time, energy or attention will be spent throughout the year.

The Ace of Spades as the Long Range Card

This is likely to be a year of great change for you. You will likely go through a large scale transformation as this year progresses and this change could affect many important areas of your life. There is a fundamental change due for you at this time. This could be about your attitudes or relationships, but it is likely to be deeper than that. This change is more likely to pertain to how you live your life, your approach to work and health, and how you maintain your sense of aliveness and vitality.

During this change and new beginning, you may get a first hand experience of the intimate relationship of death and rebirth. It is even possible that someone you know will pass on. If this happens, it is likely to be someone that is close enough to you to put you more in touch with your own mortality. Your job may also undergo a radical change this year. You may enter a totally new line of work, ending a chapter of your life in the old line. This change may not be comfortable but the end result will be a more alive and vital you.

On a mundane level, the Ace of Spades means 'desire for work'. Thus you may have an overwhelming desire to work and initiate a new profession. It is also possible that involvement in secret work or work that uncovers your own secrets may take on a major role this year. The Ace of Spades is the card that represents the Science of the Cards, the Order of the Magi, and other secret organizations that help man to understand the deeper mysteries of life so you might find yourself involved in one of these this year as well.


I am surrounded by death and transformation this year. I am exploring the deeper mysteries of life, death, and the process of change.

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