Theresa May Believes in LOGIC, Not in FATE

Thursday 8 May was not a good day for Theresa May. Theresa should have consulted with a good astrologer for two very good reasons 1) Know your enemy, Jeremy Corbyn, like Elvis, David Bowie and Kim Jong-Un is the SIX of Spades, the card of FATE or "whatever is going to happen is going to happen." In other words, just take care of yourself and let Corbyn be Corbyn. Secondly, you didn't need to call an election and worser, you chose May 7 smack in the middle of your Saturn Period 28 April - 19 June, which contained the NINE of Spades, the death card.
Theresa May has drawn the 1 October EIGHT of Diamonds/THREE of Hearts Jimmy Carter: "better ex-leader than leader profile".  
Jeremy Corbyn uses his SIX of Spades Card of FATE to edge out Theresa May in Thursday's election. Corbyn 'Feels the Bern' on the campaign trail while his May 26th inner child mirrors Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

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