Kim Jong-un's Karmic Path - Purpose in Life

There are 48 Karmic Paths that cycle through the generations. That's why parents don't understand where their children are coming from. Kim Jong-un is a Millennial but shares the same #35 The Way of Translation path as Baby Boomer Bill Clinton. 

1984 January 1 - February 27 35 Translation
February 28 - July 17 34 Liberation
July 18 - December 6 33 Modulation
December 7 - December 31 32 Innocence

  #35 The Way of TRANSLATION: ORIGINATOR to NEW LANGUAGE: The life purpose of the individuals born on the Way of Translation is to find a way to communicate their unique thinking or unusual ideas. Blessed with a kind of genius, those on this path have a difficult time expressing what they know. Born with their own peculiar vernaculars, many on this karmic path may feel misunderstood by others because their patterns of thinking or speech are of their own making. This difficulty generates in them enormous frustration and a deep need to be understood and is the basis for many of their troubles since it causes them to be attention seeking and defensive. The life of purpose of the men and women on the Way of Translation is to work to build bridges of understanding.

GIFTS: Ardent, Innovative, Mentally Agile

PITFALLS: Insecure, Inarticulate, Aggressive.

RELEASE: a need to be accepted

REWARD: the joy of easy interpersonal understanding.

CORE LESSON: Cooperating with others;

GOAL: Find a bridge to understanding

SUGGESTION: Seek validation within yourself, rather from others. Stay true to who you are by remaining more natural. Know that seeking compromise is not an admission of failure. Put yourself in others' shoes; 

 There are 48 weeks in Goldschneider's astrology. I know there are 52 weeks in a year but 48 is more easily divided by the 12 signs of the zodiac. This is where Kim Jong-un and Bill part company. Bill Clinton takes The Path of Translated Exposure August 19-25 while brother Kim goes down The Path of Translated Determination January 3-9


What's worrisome is the guy on the left, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto 5 January 1928 of the Silent Generation, is the only notable on Kim's Path of Translated Determination. The former Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto shaking hands with Mao in 1976 died by hanging in 1979 at the age of 51.

NOTABLES: Bill Clinton, Susan Sarandon, Maya Angelou, "Mr." Rogers, Bertrand Russell, Oliver Stone, Connie Chung, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field, Robert Maplethorpe, Errol Flynn, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Bertrand Russell, Jessica Tandy, Shirley Temple Black, Agatha Christie;

Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

 Currently, Kim Jong-un is in his Mars Period 22 April 2017 till  13 June 2017 of this, his Pinnacle year, possibly the most important year for him and the rest of the world. Kim's first card the TWO of Hearts  in Mars "brings relationships that are aggressive, stimulating, and intense" e.g. Xi Jinping, Trump and maybe Putin. The second card is the Blessed Card the TEN of Diamonds  "During this period, drive, ambition, and honest effort will bring great financial success. This success could be in a legal matter or related to men in some way." This forecast could indicate that Kim and North Korea come out ahead on economic sanctions.

On Day 2 of my Kim Jong-un's Next 100 Days project, in my humble Fortune-Teller opinion, Kim has all the high cards and nobody is ready to call his bluff.

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