The Trump Triumvirate

The First Triumvirate

The Trump-Putin-Xi Triumvirate goes the Romans, the Chinese, the Russians and the Illuminati's Mayer Amschel Rothschild one 'Bigly' 'better:

"Permit the Trump Triumvirate to issue and control the money of the WORLD, and WE care not who makes its laws!."

Trump, Putin and Xi Jinping seek revenge for being excluded from membership in the Illuminati. Trump signed up Xi, at Mar del Lago and Putin last week in Helsinki, agreeing to reset the world reserve currency, to gold at $10,000/oz, to be exact.



Now, that Trump is the defacto world leader, the big boys can quickly seal the deal because they think alike and their personal relationships are mutually supportive as TWO & THREE of Diamonds.

Xi is the Moon (support card) to Trump

Putin is the Moon (support card) to Trump

Putin and Xi (same birth card) can't get enough of each other

Obama thinks it's his job to teach Putin & Xi a lesson

Obama a NINE  of Diamonds dissed every G-20 leader except Angela and really pissed off Putin with his 'jackass' remarks at the G-20 in Brisbane. The Chinese (Xi Jinping) didn't like Obama calling them 'free-riders' and made 'O' get off the rear of Air Force One when he landed in Beijing.

 Obama is a Leo Saturn 'lesson giver'  three times over to Putin and Xi and only Allah knows what % of the guns & religion crowd. 

Karma for the 2  of Diamonds is: Fear of Lack and that's why they want Gold as the reserve currency. The Challenge for Trump and the 3  of Diamonds: Dependence on Others, explains Trump's quest for personal relationships with Pompeo, Mattis and his fellow Trumvirate partners, Vlad & Xi.

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