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When a SIX  of Clubs meets a SIX  of Diamonds for whatever reason Work, Family, Friendship, here's what happens, sooner or later.

Marry Up Knowingly Ratings
Rating Attraction Intensity Compatible Rating Attraction Intensity Compatible



-1  to  8 4 3
to  3 2 4  to   7 3 3
Intensity: The lower the intensity the better and higher is better for attraction and compatibility



 The  is not attracted, has negative compatibility and disagrees about almost everything.



 The  is also not attracted, doesn't want to argue that much but would enjoy doing things together.

The prospective or current relationship goes much further because there are ten  months and in addition to their Birth or Self card, their 'Who They Truly Are' card, they have an Ego 'Who They Think They Are' card. In Astrology speak this is known as the Planetary Ruling card. 

Lets go with the 18 September  "the day of internal mystery" who has a  Ego.


Of the eleven 's I'm using the Leo 7 August  "the double agent" one because like all Leo's their Self and Ego cards are the same. This added specificity is making this relationship pair foreshadow a what if encounter of Bob Mueller and Lance Armstrong.

The September 18th HIGHER PURPOSE Card

Intimate Relationship Reading


The heart of this report are the energetic connections found between this couple. Here is a list of ones chosen for this report, from the first to the last. The first connection is always considered the most important of all and, in most cases, will represent the dominant pattern tor theme of the relationship. 

The [Life Spread] notation indicates the mundane - where the rubber meets the road - situation.


The [Spiritual Spread] notation gives insights into the higher purpose and hidden meaning behind this pairing.


First Connection

is the Saturn Card to the 
[Life Spread]


August 7th is the Saturn Card to September 18th in the Life Spread

Saturn has traditionally been known as the planet of hardship, coldness and difficulties of all kinds. And in fact there are some Saturn relationships in which these qualities predominate. However, there are many Saturn relationships that have other qualities, and in these we see the more positive aspects of Saturn's influence. We cannot predict exactly how this relationship between August 7th and September 18th will be affected by this connection because that will depend upon how consciously they choose to apply the energy of this connection. It can be very constructive or it can be difficult and depressing. So, here we will define some of the qualities more specifically so that it can be understood fully.

In this relationship September 18th has somehow chosen August 7th to be their teacher. Though this may not have been a completely conscious choice, it is so just the same. August 7th being their Saturn Card, will experience a natural inclination to help September 18th by making suggestions for improving their life or career. Just having August 7th in their life is a reminder to September 18th of things they need to do in order to make their life better than it is. A Saturn person teaches us how to be more responsible, grown-up, practical, disciplined, conscientious and fair. They will help us to become more aware of how our words and actions affect those around us. These lessons can result in September 18th becoming more successful in their work, especially if they have strong career aspirations or goals of things they want to attain. On some level, August 7th is a father figure to them and indeed they may remind September 18th of their father in many ways.

Taken with a positive attitude, September 18th may make great progress in their life by the presence of August 7th. The closer this connection is to being the first connection in this relationship, the more important this relationship is for September 18th in terms of what they need to learn. The best possible attitude would be where September 18th acknowledges August 7th as their teacher. Not that they need to give up their own thoughts or beliefs to August 7th, but just that there are probably things that they can learn from them.

In extreme cases a person that is Saturn to us can be abusive. The other side of that coin is a person who inwardly hates who they are so much that they secretly desire to be abused, just as much as they abuse themselves already. In these cases, the Saturn person will be the mirror of our own self-hate and disrespect. Indeed, in these cases, the Saturn person is abusive, verbally and otherwise. The key then, is 'When do we stop being abused by the Saturn person?', or 'When do we start loving ourselves enough to attract someone more loving and considerate?' Our relationships are always a key to find out how we treat ourselves. We invariably choose someone who mirrors the way we feel about our self. September 18th would do well to reflect on this if they find August 7th exhibiting any of the abusive forms of this Saturn energy.

The most positive Saturn relationships are those that help the partner achieve their dreams by aligning them with the hows and how-to's of success in the world. A Saturn partner can provide us with direction, understanding, coaching and wisdom - all of which can help us achieve our goals. The Saturn person can handle us. They can put us in our place, where other people may be unable to do so. Therefore we can develop a lot of trust and respect in them. And sometimes that is just what we need, someone to show us the boundaries and discipline us a little. If September 18th is, or was, strongly attracted to August 7th, then this is very likely the case.

Affirmation for August 7th: I understand that I have the ability to see all of September 18th's faults and shortcomings and share suggestions with them lovingly and with the awareness that I have a powerful effect on them.

Affirmation for September 18th: I realize that I chose this relationship with August 7th to help me grow in important areas of my life. With that in mind, I accept their suggestions so that I may learn and make progress in becoming a successful and happy person.


   Second Connection

 is the Mars Card to the
[Life Spread]
  Third Connection

 is the Mars Card to the
[Spiritual Spread]
  Fourth Connection

is the Jupiter Card to the
[Life Spread]
 Fifth Connection

is the Jupiter Card to the
[Spiritual Spread]
 Sixth Connection

The  and are Venus to each other
[Life Spread]
  Seventh Connection

The  is the Mars Card to the
[Spiritual Spread]
  Eighth Connection

The  is the Venus Card to the
[Life Spread]

 There Are 66,978 Relationship Pairs

If a Mata Hari, Ralph Bunch, Garrison Keillor, Louis Leakey, Robert Mueller, Charlize Theron, Don Larsen, Stan Freeberg or anyone born on 7 August happens through happenstance (karma) to be in a relationship with an 18 September: Greta Garbo, Samuel Johnson (first real dictionary 1755), Robert Blake, Lance Armstrong, Frankie Avalon, Jimmie Rogers, Dr. Ben Carson, Harvey Haddix (pitched 12 perfect innings in one game and lost), Jada Pinkett Smith, or Ronaldo person, this sample pairing is just one of the 66,978.

My neighbor a  was complaining about his reading for May 3.

'I told him, "You could have been a  if your mother hadn't spent 40 hours in labor."

Childhood Wound

But there is more our attitude in interpersonal relationships, our attitude in every form of human action depends on what stage of the six stages of childhood development we were wounded. Everyone is in our life for a reason and becoming aware of when we got 'zapped' is essential.

I don't know about Mueller but Armstrong's parents divorced when he was two, placing him in the Stage of Exploration.


EXPLORATION STAGE: (18 months to 3 years)

The Isolator:  Minimizer, Rigid Boundaries
Basic Fear (Wound): Being smothered, absorbed, humiliated, loss of parent (partner)
Internal Message  Don't be separate
Core Belief:   "I can't say no and be loved"
Relationship Belief: I will be absorbed if I get close
Image of Partner:  Insecure; too dependent; needy
Relationship to Partner: Sets limits on togetherness; passive/aggressive; acts out absorption fears by distancing
Core Issue: Personal freedom; autonomy
Typical Frustration: You need too much
Recurrent Feeling Recurrent Feeling: Fear and impotent fury
Conflict Management: Oppositional; distancing
Growth Challenge: Initiate closeness; share feelings; increase time together; integrate positive and negative traits in partner
The Pursuer:  Maximizer, Diffuse Boundaries
Basic Fear (Wound):  Unreliability of others, abandonment; loss of parent (partner)
Internal Message  Don't be dependent
Core Belief:   "I can't count on anyone"
Relationship Belief:  If I act independent, you will abandon me
Image of Partner:   Distant; has no needs
Relationship to Partner:  Ambivalent pursuit and withdrawal
Core Issue:  Partner reliability; support; standing
Typical Frustration:  You are never there when I need you 
Recurrent Feeling: Panic and anger
Conflict Management: Blaming, demanding; chasing; complaining; devaluing
Growth Challenge: Initiate separateness; develop outside interests; internalize partner; integrate positive and negative traits of partner


Marry Up Knowingly Reference Book

If you're looking for a relationship or just want to entertain friends, Robert Camp's Birthday Card book is the best source for understanding the card system. The Best Marriage Hottest Sex punch line for each of the 52 cards answers the "When's your birthday" question.

SIX  of Clubs Connections  

 Same Card Connections for each of the Ten SIX of Clubs months
Best Marriage 
                                   Hottest Sex 



SIX  of Diamonds Connections 


 Same Card Connections for each of the Eleven SIX of Diamonds months
                                                                       Best Marriage 
                                                                        Hottest Sex 


 Intimate Relationship Readings  When things get closer to serious give me $4.95 and I'll send you everything you need to Marry Up Knowingly except the Childhood Wound business. For that you must be your own psychotherapist.

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