Match-Making On-board the KONINGSDAM

Travailing to America

We departed Rome October 31st on a re-positioning cruise aboard Holland America's Koningsdam to Fort. Lauderdale, which meant spending seven days at sea. Crossing the Atlantic was a first for us but not having to go a shore for a whole week appealed to my sedentary lifestyle. Smoking on the ship is legally confined to the starboard side of the Lido Deck and depending on where your stateroom is located on the football field length boat, going up-over and out for a cigarette usually calls for smoking more than one. If you engage in conversation with others, and ask them when's their birthday? - you can finish half-a-pack before lunch and then it's time to start another interview or resume an earlier one.


The Lido Deck Smoking Lounge


Before we exited the Med, I grilled a 7 February FIVE  of Spades I visually Christened Picasso and likened to Zhou Enlai and Tricky Dick my favorite 5's of the FAMOUS Five  of Spades: Marlon Brando, both Richard Nixon and Zhou Enlai, Charles Dickens, Jane Goodall, Jack Paar, Glenn Ford, Doris Day, Wayne Newton, Joan Baez, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Kevin Connolly, Dean Stockwell, Tim McGraw, Jimmy Page, A. J. McLean, Dave Matthews, Ashton Kutcher, Crystal Gayle, Jimmy Page, Susannah York, Bob Denver, Garth Brooks, Larry “Buster” Crabbe, Tina Majorino, Niki Taylor, Andy Gibb, Tony Orlando, Samantha Eggar, Alec Baldwin, Joel Osteen. Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards.

There are 50 spades versus 130 clubs and diamonds birthdays and the spades are the doers of the deck, so when I find one, I over bend their ear. After a few smokes Picasso was ready to try Card reading out on his accompanying Quebec companions a 22 September TWO  of Clubs and a 1 December FOUR  of Diamonds. After a Lido lunch break a Canadian, Richard Gere handsome KING  of Clubs bachelor joined  the party - What Cards are on the KING  of Clubs radar?


   KING  of Clubs Connections  

Best Marriage 

Hottest Sex  


The KING  of Clubs and the FOUR  of Diamonds took it from there!


  • I miss you , you old goat !!!!! Looking forward to seeing you in Turkey. Very creative writing. Your friend Peter

  • What a wonderful story…it continue 🙃😁
    Tank you Teg, you are very funny
    Boooooonjoooooourrr 🤪😜

  • So funny 😂 The king of club and the four of diamands are leaving together tomorrow for Toronto. We had lots of fun with them, missing you big to both of you.

    Diane Aubry

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