Mercury Monday in the Twelfth House


 12th House: Matters relating to inner peace and connectedness

Internal Areas: intuition, presence, mindfulness, faith, empathy, compassion, connection with God
External Areas: meditative time, rest, dreams, isolation, spirituality, unresolved things, psychic abilities
Balanced by not going to any over or under extremes of the areas listed above. Also balanced by the 6th house.

Integration of Self with Society: now I see what my problem is and why I am an expat, living in a non English speaking foreign country, 6,000 miles from the USA

Those upside right and upside down head phones glyphs are called nodes - I know you already knew that. My 12th House is ruled by Leo (Ego), with a North Node, the upside down glyph is the South Node.

Leo: Expressing yourself through creativity, playfulness, and sharing who you are with others
Balanced: self-expressive, creative, playful, self-assured, loving, generous, giving, passionate
Over-Emphasized: self-centered, arrogant, melodramatic, demanding, boastful, attention-seeking
Under-Emphasized: frigid, apprehensive, self-rejecting, withholding, lackadaisical, despondent, drab

While we're here lets have Mr. KRS Channel splain-me what Jupiter in the 12th House means. I tuned in, with his go to foreign lands, spirituality and get into debt advisory..

  I'd like a transcript of KRS dissertations to use as my CV/Resume. Instead I'll take comfort in his words confirming I already have a job that takes me to infinity and beyond.

Mercury Monday Reading 7 January 2019

The Queen  of Diamonds "The Philanthropy Card," represents a woman who likes to live and act extravagantly and who often spends beyond her means. Sometimes she is successfully engaged in her own business or in some business capacity. Service through money is her motto and she often is generous, especially to those she loves.

There may be such a woman (or man) in your life when this card is present or you could find yourself playing out that role.

This card can bring much financial success if its creative aspect is applied in some business or financial pursuit that you may be involved in. The Queen  of Diamonds is a masterful card when it comes to business and finance, especially promoting and marketing.

By the same token, watch out for a tendency to spend beyond your budget when this card appears. The Queen of Diamonds likes only the very best of everything, even if she cannot afford it.

This is your Mercury Day, the day of the week you were born. Usually we have a lot of communications on that day of the week.


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