My Movie within a Movie


Mercury 0 to 13

My Mercury 13-Year Period began 9/13/1943 and ended 9/13/1956

Thomas Everett Gregory 13 September 1943 Indianapolis 

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The underlying Queen  of Diamonds during this period suggests that some Diamonds woman who is very powerful and business-like will play a prominent role in your life.

That Diamonds woman would be Esther, my THREE  of Diamonds   mother.


The United States becomes the first and only nation to use atomic weaponry during wartime when it drops an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, August 6, 1945. Truman follows that by establishing the CIA in 1947.

Venus 13 to 26

My Venus 13-Year Period began 9/13/1956 and ended 9/13/1969


teg Gregory LBOC (Little Boy On Campus) 1966

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This is a very powerful time of your life when the lessons you learn will shape the rest of your life permanently.

This period of your life is a highly spiritual period. Spiritual periods can be tough on the mundane level and highly successful on the spiritual level.

The challenges presented to you during this time will usually be related to health, work and the way you live your life. It is the things you do each day that will be called into question.

Because this card sits in the Jupiter column of the Grand Solar Spread, there are definite blessings to be had.

Twenty years of Christian Science Sunday school threw me under a Spiritual Meta-Physical bus.

Ruby Shoots Oswald November 24, 1963

Mars  26 to 39

My Mars 13-Year Period began 9/13/1969 and ended 9/13/1982


teg & Quai Gregory May 1973 Montserrat

       Card             Underlying Card 


Relationships will take on a great deal of importance in your life. And the value of conversation with those of like mind will be something that you both experience and enjoy on a deep level. You could even marry someone with whom you share these qualities.

However, there is another hidden influence of great importance during this period of your life. It is that of the Ace of Spades. This is the card of personal transformation and sometimes, of death. This does not indicate your passing away during this period. However, the idea of death may be something that you find yourself confronted with again and again. For example, there could be deaths in your family (Marion, aka my father passes 1981) from time to time, or of someone that is close to you.

Tricky Dick sent me to Vietnam in '68, but I didn't like his body language in '59, from my Madison Road curbside view of his motorcade, when Nixon ran against Kennedy.

Nixon Closes Gold Window August 1971 - Resigns August 1974

Jupiter 39 to 52

My Jupiter 13-Year Period began 9/13/1982 and ended 9/13/1995


 Teg & Quai USAID Ismailia Egypt 1985/86

       Card             Underlying Card 


During this period, you may likely become an authority in some area of information or knowledge.

I sent out 500 resumes to get a 'Construction Mgmt' expert assignment with a USAID  project for the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture

Fall of the Berlin Wall November 1989

Saturn 52 to 65

My Saturn 13-Year Period begins 9/13/1995 and ends 9/13/2008

teg Gregory & Shelby Ann Brown - the Anala Goat Company 1998 - 2007

        Card                  Underlying Card 


This period will be overshadowed by one or more young, Diamond males, or by someone whose Birth or Planetary Ruling Card is the Jack of Diamonds.

Shelby Ann Brown's Birth Card was the JACK  of Diamonds and my - karma card, who I owe, is the JACK  of Diamonds

 World Trade Center 11 September 2001



Uranus 65 to 78

Your Uranus 13-Year Period begins 9/13/2008 and ends 9/13/2021


teg Gregory & Jane Marie Kennedy, Zhengzhou, China 2011

 Card       Underlying Card 


The main influence for this 13-year period is the Four of Hearts. This is probably the strongest influence in the entire deck of cards for settling down and enjoying the rewards of family life and close friendships. The Four of Hearts is a sign of protection in love, marriage and family. It can represent one's marriage and the foundation of love upon which a family and life can be built. The Four of Hearts is usually considered a good influence, especially for a happy family and social life.

Its underlying card, the 4 of Spades, even strengthens this notion. With 'double-fours' presiding over you for 13 years, you can expect contentment and security.

I went to China three weeks before the 2008 Lehman Brothers crash and  Jane Marie was the first single lady I met over forty who could speak English. No one, including all my Toastmasters colleagues, were more surprised than me, when she said yes.

November 9, 2016


Neptune 78 to 91

My Neptune 13-Year Period begins 9/13/2021 and ends 9/13/2034

teg Gregory Astro-Psychometric something or other

        Card          Underlying Card 


This period of your life will most likely be marked by hard work and stable finances. However, for some this will seem like a time of struggle. There is protection at this time, especially financially. But the tendency to struggle is inherent in your personality to some extent and you will be challenged to work and be productive without making it so hard. 

Your sense of values and knowing what you want from life should be very clear at this time. This, in turn, will attract to you all that you desire. And you may feel very stable and grounded in the work you do and the lifestyle you have created.

But there is also a sense of restlessness going on at a deeper level, as represented by the Five of Spades. And this may cause you to do much traveling or to move your residence more often than you would expect. Changes are to be expected. In addition, for some there will be health matters that have to be dealt with, regardless of their age during this period.

Finally, ideals about love and relationship will be tested by actual experiences. Some will find disappointment at the end of the rainbow while others will gain more clarity about their romantic dreams. For all this will be an important period of defining yourself in terms of what you want from life. And you will gain much clarity about these values as you progress through this period.

This is where it gets scary, knowing and seeing how accurate these Life Readings are, I don't like getting the FIVE of Spades "The Wanderer," anywhere, anytime.

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