Neptune Day. Go to a movie or read a book.

The THREE  of Clubs is the card of mental creativity, so much so that it is called the 'Writer's Card'. On the other hand, it can be the card of worry and indecision and mental stress. Whenever this card appears in your reading, you will have an opportunity to either get the benefits of heightened creativity of mind, or suffer the liability of more stress and indecision.

Use this influence for writing, either personally or professionally. Express yourself to all you meet and you will reap positive rewards.

This is your Neptune Day. Go to a movie or read a book. Today is good for creative and imaginative work, meditation and escape from the norm. 6 January

My weekends are Uranus on Saturday followed by Neptune on Sunday. What's his name shares some clues on my quest to understand why I like “le weekend so much.

The TWO  of Diamonds "The Wheeler Dealer Card" signifies that a money partnership of some kind will be playing a role in your life. This could be a standard business partnership or something out of the ordinary, but it will certainly have something related to money as the end result.

Whether this 'joining of financial interests' becomes an asset or a liability depends largely upon the surrounding circumstances and the position of this card.

We often need the association of others in order to achieve our financial goals. The TWO  of Diamonds will encourage us to develop relationships that are mutually beneficial between ourselves and others in our business and financial life. The most success comes with this card when we adopt a Win-Win attitude towards all our business dealings.

This is your Uranus Day. Unexpected events may rock your expectations but also bring in good things you have not thought about. 5 January 2019

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  My poor little Neptune glyph lives in my second house. According to what's his name there's a lot of stuff in everybody's 2nd house. 

 Pluto and  Libra are in my "Store of Value" second home. This astrology stuff is not easily learned in a day or even a house a day. Thankfully I only have six of the twelve bungalows in my Wheel.



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