Nietzsche's Search for the Psyche


"If you went in search of it, you would not find the boundaries of the Soul [psyche] though you traveled every road - so deep is its measure [logos] - Heraclitus

Each of us according to Nietzsche, has a deep an abiding nature which places definite set limits on who and what we can become. At the bottom of us, really "deep down," there is, of course, something unteachable, some granite of spiritual fatum [personal fate or destiny], of predetermined decision and answer to predetermined selected questions. Whenever a cardinal problem is at stake, there speaks an unchangeable "this is I." - Beyond Good and Evil

  "Who among the philosophers before me was in any way a psychologist? Before me there simply was no psychology. " - Ecce Homo.

Why, Nietzsche, and SEVEN  of Clubs "Spiritual Knowledge" people born on April 27May 25, and October 15, spend so much time on self-reflection, is due to their QUEEN  of Spades "Self-Mastery," Ego. Maybe Nietzsche, over did it, but it helps justify his claim to be, the World's first Psychologist.


Astro-Psychometric Quadrants 

 Nietzsche suggested a plan for “becoming what one is” through the cultivation of instincts and various cognitive faculties, a plan that requires constant struggle with one’s psychological and intellectual inheritances.



      Self                                                      Ego


Nietzsche drove himself insane looking for his true Self, which in the case of October FIFTEENTH  the Day of the WORLD'S STAGE is very difficult for upfront their Ego, the QUEEN  of Spades "Self Mastery" thinks they know what they are doing but their true Self, the SEVEN  of Clubs "Spiritual Knowledge" has the answers but like all Egos they want to keep the world's stage to themselves. 

The karmic theme for the SEVEN  of Clubs "Spiritual Knowledge" is Agnostic and you would have to say that Nietzsche did a whale of a job sticking to the script. Karma for the Queen  of Spades - Self Mastery further complicates things because the Ego, the Who We Think We Are is the card of Self Mastery, which is exactly what Nietzsche and the 7 of Clubs person fears.

Another way at looking at the dilemma of the 7  of Clubs, the bearer of spiritual knowledge faces, is their middle position in the Clubs suit, they can see all the points of view above and below. This leads to their displays of grandiosity, like Bill Clinton's "I feel your pain," or John Kerry's for the war before the war and against the war after the war.

Jungian Quadrant Theory


A drop of water, the human brain, even the psyche: everything in nature comes in four interrelated parts. The Open Loop Limbic System diagrams the information process with the intake via the five senses and the Lower Left Brain then the cerebral Upper Left (Thinking) then to the limbic Lower Right (Feeling) and finally to the cerebral Upper Right library of Intuition.

The process is reversed when we are challenged or we are problem solving, the Upper Right generates ideas that the Lower Right searches the universe for possible solutions, which are evaluated by the Upper Left for the most effective and submitted to the Lower Left for action.

The field of Psych testing or Psychometrics attempts to discover which quadrant is our center of expertise. Because the instruments are in questionnaire form the Ego quadrant skews the results in their favor. In our Nietzsche example, the QUEEN  of Spades talks tough, claiming to have all the answers, while their core competency is the Seven  of Clubs decision-making and problem solving along spiritual philosophical lines.

     Fire  (Do)

     Solution         Ego         +karma                                          

           Earth (Decide)

         Implication       Self            

             Water  (Develop)   


                         Air  (Dream)

                 Situation        -karma           Virgo III        Affinity

  Karma for the 7 of Clubs – Agnostic

Karma for the Queen  of Spades Self Mastery

Nietzsche, like all of us, was his own worse enemy, cock sure that he had all the right answers he overlooked his Achilles heal - No  Heart! He suffered the plight of the agnostic: 'I want my cake and eat it too.'  No, no, I'm afraid to make a commitment, so I'll keep driving myself crazy.

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