Oh Those Lazy Blasey Days of Summer


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The highly intense individuals born on November 28 must pursue their own course. Living paradoxes, those born on this day are complex individuals who never cease to amaze their friends and family with their unique combination of aggression and sensitivity. Their ideology is extremely important to them, but it can change in a bewildering fashion, its twists and turns leading through a maze of irony and high seriousness. For example, it may be difficult to determine whether a November 28 individual is conservative or radical, right- or left-wing, an upholder of the social order or anarchic rebel. Ultimately such terms have little meaning in reference to November 28 thought patterns, which must be understood on their own terms.





Auspicious Events Occurring for Blasey This Year

You are in Your 'Critical Year'

Research has shown that the Age 52 year is one of great significance. In one manner of speaking, it represents an important decision that is made in our life - the decision to truly live or not. To truly live means to make choices from that part of us that loves our life and is glad for the opportunity to be here on the planet. The opposite of this is to live our life always from our fear side, always sacrificing that which would make us happy by doing everything in our power to avoid that which we are afraid of. All of us have fears and all that separates those who are 'alive' from those who are 'dead' is the ability to face these fears and to make conscious choices in spite of them. It is only those who never question their fear-based decisions that end up in lives that are going nowhere, lives that have little happiness or joy.

During this year, you will be given an opportunity to deal with several of the most important fear-based challenges of your life. To a large extent, these challenges are signified by your Environment Card in your Birth Card's Spread. It would be a good idea to study the significance of this card carefully. In some way, it represents one of your most important lifetime challenges. What's so important this year is that though this card represents a lifetime challenge, because it falls in the Environment position, it is literally given to you as a blessing without effort this year. It will be very easy to deal with this card this year and to access it on it's most positive and powerful side. Therefore, it can represent the last opportunity in this lifetime to overcome this challenge. It seems to be true that those who do not 'get it' during this year, never do. It represents a final and loving call from our soul to rise up and claim our birthright of happiness and joy.

You can find your True Purpose this Year

There is at least one occurrence of a Six  card (Kavanaugh's Ego card) in your reading in a prominent position (Long Range, Pluto, Result, Environment or Displacement). This might be in either your Birth Card Spread, or your Planetary Ruling Card spread. Either way, this gives you a special opportunity, but one that is only taken advantage of by those who are aware of it. Sixes give us an opportunity to discover what our true purpose is for our life. Most people search their entire life to discover what their life is about and whether or not they have some special purpose or goal that they are to achieve during their time here on the planet. Many never find this purpose at all. Because of the presence of a Six card in a powerful position this year, you will have a special opportunity to discover what your purpose is. Of course, this only applies to you if you have the desire to know. If you are not that interested in knowing more about your life's direction, this will probably manifest itself as a year of steady progress towards existing goals.

Sixes can be frustrating as well because they often represent static and unchanging conditions in our life. However, they also bestow upon us a special ability to perceive that which is usually hidden from our conscious minds. By listening to our inner voice, we can receive great inspiration and direction when these cards are present and you have at least one of them for this entire year. If you have more than one Six in a prominent position in either your Birth Card or Planetary Ruling Card Spreads, then this message becomes even more significant.

Study any and all Sixes that you find in these prominent positions this year, along with other Sixes that appear in your Yearly Spreads. They will reveal much about the special destiny that is coming your way. Good luck on your path to inner discovery.

Your Environment Card


Your Environment Card represents someone or something that will act in a beneficial manner for you throughout the year. It is an area where things will come easily to you, something or someone to be grateful for. It is always a good thing regardless of what card it is. You will collect good things from this card all year long.

The Nine  of Clubs as the Environment Card

Good fortune and blessings will come this year by letting go of the past, giving up outworn ideas and opinions, or even letting go of certain occupations that no longer serve a constructive purpose in your life. Also, you could have some major breakthroughs in your understanding of life by exposure to spiritual knowledge of some sort. This is a year when endings of various sorts will come easily and usher in a new period of greater success for you.

 There is a hidden meaning behind all events. Blasey Ford has her 52nd birthday November 28 and she is free to be herself. Telling her story to the US Senate and the World has lifted her 36 year burden of guilt, shame, and yuckiness. What Kavanaugh gets is a hard lesson on the facts of reality: there's more to being a judge than a CV and good connections.


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