"Oh, what a tangled web we weave,

Psychology looks inside from without, while Astrology looks past the outside to show the psychologist what's inside. The Ego is blind and therefore self-deception is inevitable. Freud blamed everything on the Ego and mom. Jung thought only the shadow knows. Nietzsche said it was up to the Ego to figure it out on their own.

Astrology was working great until the 'deep state' gang lathered it over with mythology and religion. Newton, Galileo, Gutenberg and Copernicus came along and put Astrology behind Religion, behind Science. The science of psychology, in their studies of the Ego, stumbled on the Rosetta stone of Astro-Psychology - the Four Elements.

Now, when the Ego is born, you can do like the Chinese have done forever - since they skipped that religion indoctrination phase - get an astrological workup, based on the day and time of birth. The Ego's parents feel good and occasionally show off their child's Horoscope wheel to visitors. Truthfully not much happens in the life of an Ego until the school psychologist stamps them ACHD, OCD, Low IQ, or just your ordinary blind Ego.

The Astro-Psychologist attempts to make this hieroglyphic readable, call it braille for the blind Ego, as well as, their parents and their teachers. There are 366 possibilities - forget about the time, 1 minute past midnight gets you into the game. Today, 17 April is our example:


The person born on 17 April is Astrologically speaking a FOUR  of Diamonds - this is their soul card, their birth card, their Self card, their Who They Are card. If we all just had one card, and no Ego card, life might be easier, no need for confusion, and self-deception. Alas, it isn't so, every day gets an Ego card, so Eckhart Tolle can teach us how to separate our Ego from our Self. 

January 23  (Aquarius I), February 21  (Aquarius-Pisces Cusp), March 19  (Pisces-Aries), April 17  (Aries III), May 15  (Taurus III), June 13  (Gemini III), July 11  (Cancer) III, August 9  (Leo II), September 7  (Virgo II), October 5  (Libra II), November 3   (Scorpio II), December 1  (Sagittarius I).

The April SEVENTEENTH  the Day of SERIOUS PURPOSE: chose the SIX  of Clubs "The Missionary Card" for their Ego, their 'Who They Think They Are' personality.

At the school of the 'Awoke' the teacher-parent-psychologist conference will in addition consult the child's path to Dharma for previous Serious Purpose Missionary heroes or heroines. 

 Take Victoria Beckham for example. Her April 17, 1974 birthday, put Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Betty Ford, Ella Fitzgerald, Jack Parr, Billy Bob Thornton, Noel Coward, Lou Rawls, Mike Wallace, O. Henry, George Washington, Humphrey Bogart, Yo Yo Ma, Ingmar Bergman, Boris Spassky, Maria Shriver, Mary Tyler Moore, Anna Pavlova, and Vanessa Redgrave as role models.

12 The Way of AMPLIFICATION: Seeker to Titan: The life purpose of those on the Way of Amplification is to choose a path and live it large - to live out loud.

Nietzsche thought that an organizing goal would keep the Ego so busy and focused it would have little incentive for Self-Deception. 

The most basic question everyone faces in life is Why am I here? What is my purpose? Self-help books suggest that people should look within, at their own desires and dreams, but Rick Warren in his book, 'The Purpose Driven Life,' says the starting place must be with God and his eternal purposes for each life. 

There are 48 paths to the Purpose Driven Life and once the blind Ego finds the one they, God, or fate chose for them at birth, the instruction sheet comes with Self-Deception guide posts, to keep the Ego on the straight and narrow.

Astro-Psychology provides the keys to Self-Discovery.

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