Karma the Core of Our Belief System

Money is the Universal Religion where the 99% have-nots have lost faith and only the 1% haves remain true believers. Politicians are the Priesthood for the religion of Money and we the unwashed deplorables the world over no longer affirm "My country, Right or Wrong, My Country."

The United States Information Agency (USIA), which existed from 1953 to 1999, was a United States agency devoted to "public diplomacy".

A US Information Officer and I were sitting at the "Tailhook" bar of the Cubi Point Naval Air Station Officers Club, when he thanked me for 'serving our country.' I replied, "aw-shucks, it was nothing, I got drafted."

What was I to do, fleeing to Canada or play the Conscientious Objector card were socially unacceptable - I was no Mohammed Ali or Bernie Sanders. I was not a man of action, my religion was go along to get along. In 1975 I volunteered to serve as a design architect in Brazil for an American AE&C company.

Equipetrol office proposal Rio de Janeiro 1978

Nominally a Catholic country the have, have-not ratio was 97/3%, under a dictatorship until 1985. I would have stayed there forever my desire to live a 3% lifestyle on a 97% budget lasted less than three years. Times were so tough that I fell back onto the Religion of my childhood.

Our $500/mth villa with gardener, cook and swimming pool Ismalia, Egypt

Ten years passed before I had recovered enough to seek my fame and fortune in Egypt 85% Muslim, 15% Coptic Christian, Mubarek dictatorship and almost all the money went to the three percent. My boss as a Director in the Ministry of Agriculture was pulling down $50 bucks a month. Living beyond my future fortune, within 13 months I had buried my Amex gold card, BOA Visa card,  $5,000 of home equity and defaulted on my car payments.

The lesson was my first and only root canal, which according to Louise Hay metaphysics means: "Root beliefs being destroyed." I had to be fiscally evacuated back to America. I was no sooner calculating my $3 million sales commission I was going to make on this mega data center project in Phoenix, when I was fired because we loss the sale. The life-lesson here was the US is no country for men over forty-five.

My halcyon days as a dairy goat farmer 

My owner of the courier company tried to cheer me up with, "Teg you're just in a transition phase." $5/hr selling cans of Miller Lite to the Mexican landscape crews at the Shell station, $5.00/hr as a security guard in a Teamster's Union $9.50/hr grocery warehouse (every time they went on strike the line of replacements from the five dollar crowd from the competing warehouse stretched around the block), moved up to the $6.00 minimum wage at Tractor Supply and transitioned out at $7.50 from Wal-Mart Tire Lube Express.

The life-lesson here and everywhere is we are all self-employed, be an entrepreneur. Fortunately for me my second wife had the balls and enough capital to make us after nine years of trial, error and a half million bucks (less 100 male goats) - successful.

Finally Here's Where the Karma Comes In


 Karma  Recognition of Mental/Intuitional Power 

Shelby has an empty Heart quadrant but the super salesperson  Dream core belief with a Just Do It Spades Ego to actualize her Recognition of Mental/Intuitional Power karma.



               Karma   Fear of Established Wisdom

Not wanting to be a free-rider, I deployed my  "mentally creative Self card" talents to proselytize 'that it was possible to earn a $100,000 urban income and live a rural lifestyle from 50 goats on five acres.' However, at the time I did not know that I had a karmic debt to pay the (Jd) and it wasn't until the ninth year that we able to make Shelby's Ego (6s) Fate, dream come true.  

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