Pelosi Trump Relationship

It's the Pluto Complex

Donald Trump is the Pluto Card to Nancy Pelosi in the Life Spread

Donald and Nancy share a very powerful connection that is sure to affect them both, but mostly it will affect Nancy. Someone who is our Pluto Card has qualities and character traits that will challenge us and inspire us to change ourselves, whether we like it or not. When we attract someone who is our Pluto Card, it is as if we have a secret desire to make some important changes in our life and need the help of a partner in order to effect this change. Thus it is for Nancy because Donald is a transformative influence in her life.


The March 26th TEACHER Card

This connection often produces a powerful attraction, especially in the beginning of the relationship. It has even been associated with obsessive or compulsive kinds of relationships. The attraction may be compared to the attraction of a moth to a flame, because ultimately our Pluto person will cause us to burn in the fires of our own personal transformation.

It may be that Nancy feels that she would like to be like Donald in some way. Many times our Pluto Card represents qualities that we would like to have, but haven't been able to achieve for some reason. Nancy may admire many of Donald's qualities and secretly wish that she were more like him. And indeed, Donald's presence in her life will serve to accelerate her own process of change that will help her achieve those things she wants. But keep in mind that Pluto is the planet of transformation. This means that something within us must die in order for the something that we want to be born anew. Most of us are afraid of death, even the little deaths in our life that make way for a new us. This may be the case with Nancy, who has attracted this transformative person into her life.


'Undecided Values' Trump jousts with 'Vacillation of Values' Pelosi

It would not be surprising then, if Nancy resisted the changes inspired by Donald in her life. She may even get into arguments or fights with Donald. When a strong Pluto influence is in our life, we often feel confronted on many levels. This can make us feel threatened or angry. Some Pluto relationships can even become violent, if the person receiving the Pluto energy unconsciously blames their partner for the feelings that are inspired by this connection. When Pluto energy is expressed on the negative side, we may feel that our very existence is threatened. Unless we have consciously made the choice to make this change in us, we may resist and lash out at our partner, thinking that they are the cause of our problems.



The Pluto connection is about making some fundamental changes in our life. The actual number and suit of the Card of Donald's that is involved in this connection may indicate the nature of the changes that Nancy needs or wants to make within herself. If she has already realized that she needs to change in some areas, she is probably already aware of Donald's importance in her life. And often the changes that are needed can take a number of years to effect. So this may be one, if not the, most important relationship of Nancy's life. Donald will be affected as well, simply by being the witness to Nancy's going through the transformation. And ultimately, this relationship can be of the highest value to both of them.

Affirmation for Donald: I realize the unusual role that I play in Nancy's life and consciously direct my thoughts, words and deeds to perform this role in a loving and compassionate manner. I am inspired by the work she is doing on herself.

Affirmation for Nancy: I accept Donald as a catalyst for my own personal transformation. I consciously apply myself to my inner work while being grateful for Donald's presence in my life. With him, my transformation is accelerated many times over. I accept this change as my own personal responsibility.

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