You Got to Know When to Fold!


Kim Jong Un Folds but Wins the Pot!

Reunification is estimated at a half-trillion dollars, Kim pushes away from the table with the proceeds, for the sale of his country, paid in Bitcoin.

Vlad  Putin

John  Bolton

Mad Dog  Mattis


Donald  Trump

Kim  Jong Un

Moon  Jae-in

Dennis  Rodman 



Xi  Jinpeng


 Kim's Mars Period begins 4/22/2018 and ends 6/13/2018


The Four  of Diamonds in the Mars Period

This influence brings an aggressive capacity to make money. This can also indicate satisfaction in a legal or tax matter or one involving a male associate. This is a card of overcoming other ill influences and can counteract any negative cards during this same period. An aggressive pursuit of your financial goals now could bring in huge returns. You will want to work hard to earn your money. Make a wish list and pursue it.

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