Holy Toledo Picasso!

Half way across the pond INSP Picasso and I were interviewing or interrogating a Southern Belle, we'll call Scarlet O'Knoxville. With an accent right out of 'Gone with Wind,' I knew, just knew, she had to be from Mississippi, but oh no, a lifer, born and raised in Knoxville. Even though FDR had Yankeeized Tennessee with the Bomb and the Dam, Scarlet had not let that affect the delivery of her mother tongue. 

Now that we had the Where Are You From? out of the way Picasso and I moved on to the main event When's Your Birthday? July 14th the ACE of Diamonds and Desire for Money & Love Card. You get Steve Jobs and Hitler as the most famous aces of the ACE of Diamonds.


Scarlet at 27 interviewed for a job at the American Motors factory in Toledo, Ohio.

The Mars 13-Year period begins at Age 26 and ends when we turn 39 and enter our Jupiter period. It is during this period that our passions are expressed, when most of us begin working in life in a real sense, and when most of us work off a great deal of our past-life karma. Whatever really turns us on in life is explored during this period and the cards here will describe something about that, or how its expression is responded to by - Life Birthday Reading

Dressed in her Gone with Knoxville finery, they wanted Scarlet to work in the office at $9/hr. The July 14th ACE of Diamonds was driven by her Desire for MONEY to crawl under Jeep Cherokees on the assembly line at $15/hr 


INSP Picasso, who gave up fashion design in Paris for a grease-monkey apprenticeship in Montreal and owner of his own LeGarage since 1976, immediately took charge of the July 14th 302 documentation. Scarlet installed the air supply ducting under the jeeps to pay for a bachelors and masters in social services from the UT back home.

I got back in the game with the discovery that of the twelve ACE  of Diamonds birthdays, July 14th is the only one with another Ace, as their Ego, the ACE of Hearts, the December 30th Search for Love Card. Do we have some bad boys on the only ACE of Hearts day in the year? Yes we do: Matt Lauer, Tiger Woods and LeBron come to mind.


Ipso Astro-Psycho: Scarlet O'Knoxville thinks she is an  but who she truly is is an  and a combination of both. Each card is unique and July 14th has an abundance of uniqueness. People born on the 14th of July, fall under the zodiac sign, Cancer.

Cancer is a water sign and thus Cancerians are sensitive, caring and generous. Many Cancerians are known to be philanthropists and concern themselves with the well-beings of others. Cancerians adapt well to life's obstacles, but can be reluctant to face sudden change. The way a river changes its path slowly over time, the Cancerians like changes to occur the same way. Though they may often appear to be blithe-spirited and fun loving, they are in fact serious individuals.

Holy Toledo Picasso!

Klimt must have known Norma in a previous life

July 14th  BIRTHDAYSWoody Guthrie, Ingmar Bergman, Gerald FordJerry Rubin, Happy Chandler, Conor McGregor, John Chancellor, Dale Robertson, Douglas Edwards, Rosy Grier, Gustav KlimtNorma Dockery Taylor, Terry Thomas, Polly Bergen; 

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