Same Birth Card Relationships

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The August 16th TEACHER Card

The August 16th TEACHER Card

Kathie Lee Gifford and Frank Gifford have the same Birth Cards

The first and foremost quality of this connection is that it helps Kathie and Frank feel a greater degree of intimacy than most people are capable of. There can be a sense of 'sameness' and unity that makes them both feel and think that this is the way a relationship should be. This could be compared to people who are twins to some degree. Much in the same way that twins can feel each other's feelings and read each other's minds, Kathie and Frank are likely to be connected psychically and mentally. Greater depths of intimacy and union are possible in this relationship and Kathie and Frank have the opportunity to experience this blissful union in this relationship.


This relationship has a very powerful element of 'mirroring' to it. Kathie and Frank have a lot of the same kinds of life lessons, talents, abilities, and essential natures. However, Kathie may be at a completely different stage of evolution with regards to the challenges and lessons associated with her Birth Card than Frank is.

To understand this completely, one must first realize that every card in the deck has many levels of manifestation, some of a higher nature and some of the lower side. Each person is on an evolutionary path towards realizing the spectrum of life experience and may choose, at any time, to manifest the higher or lower qualities of their Birth Card. Through life experiences, everyone gradually refines their expression towards the higher side, but everyone always has the seeds of all the levels within them.


Thus, Kathie and Frank may have the same card, but may be at entirely different places in their personal path towards realizing the full potential of their Birth Cards. What happens in this case is that the partners become mirrors of each other, and often, each will reflect the unfinished or unresolved parts of the other. Having a mirror in front of us tends to accelerate our growth, causing us to look, time and time again, at aspects of ourselves that we may normally ignore or not want to see. You can bet that Kathie and Frank are strong mirrors of each other. Since this is the case, much of the success of this relationship depends upon how much Kathie and Frank are aware of their similarities and how able and willing they are to accept each other as they are. As different as their partner may seem to them at times, the truth is that they each are identical in some very essential and meaningful areas.


All relationships are mirrors to a large extent. But having the same Birth Card is an intensified experience of this quality. If Kathie and Frank are really drawn to be together, or if they have already been together for a number of years, it is a sure bet that their most important lesson in being together was to learn to increase their ability to love themselves. The magic of this connection is that if Kathie and Frank can learn to accept each other completely, they can experience states of divine union that few couples have ever experienced. This is what we might call 'soul mate potential'.

Affirmation for Kathie: In attracting Frank into my life, I have created a mirror in which to see myself better. With this in mind, I release any and all criticism I have of him, realizing that this is how I best love myself. I feel closer to him than I have ever felt with anyone before.

Affirmation for Frank: I love myself by loving Kathie. She is my mirror and my vehicle for personal transformation. The more I love her, the more I feel loved and the more I experience the wonders of such an intimate relationship. I am grateful for Kathie's presence in my life.

The Jack of Clubs Club The rest of the story. I am in a same birth card marriage and Jane Marie gets the more evolved designation. I am curious, does the female always get the better side of evolution? I want to check out Mr & Mr Buttigieg. 

I'm always ready for collaboration, when's your birthday Clarice?  


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