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"I am looking for a Febtuary 16th, NINE of Diamonds." As a 65 YO widower expat in China, I pitched my quest in my "Icebreaker" speech to the Middle Kingdom Toastmasters Club. Wouldn't you know it, a couple of months go by and Karen Gao said she had found the lady for me.

I arrange a coffee date at the best State Owned Enterprise coffee house in Zhengzhou. This was prior to Starbucks arrival in Mainland China. Ms February 16th, lived nearby in a fifth floor walkup. I paused for a full minute at the top to regain my shallow breathing norm, followed by walking backwards down the stairs to demonstrate my arthrytic knee agility.

We were well into our second hour of coffee and enjoyable conversation, when she asked how I found her in 12 million population Zhengzhou. Easy, I told my friends that I was looking for February 16th.

"What's with the business of my birthday?"

I discovered in my Sex and Marriage User manual that you and I are destined for a very simpatico relationship.

"That sounds like Astrology, and there are two things I hate: Trligion and Astrology."

Outside of that, Ms February 16th, how was the coffee?


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Go Buy This Book: you can research online, however, there are 1,125 relationships and like a movie, the book is always better.

 48 Periods and Cusps, 'Best and Worst' LOVE Relationships for a Virgo III Sep 11-18:

Aries III (Love, Friendship-Family), 

Virgo II (Love-Work),

Libra II (Love-Work),

Sagittarius I (Love-Work),

Capricorn III (Love-Boss/Employee),

Aquarius-Pisces Cusp (Love-Marriage).

USER Note: Best, Best choices: Love, Marriage, Friendship.

Best, Worst choices: Family (you are an adult, no longer looking for mom and dad). The other Worst option, is Work. I rule those out for incompatability reasons.

I was looking for a, Best: Love - Worst: Family, combination. Like a moth to a flame or under the love is blind influence, I disregarded the Best: Love, Worst: Marriage, warnings of the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp.

AQUARIUS-PISCES CUSP - The Cusp of Sensitivity February 16-22:Those born on the Cusp of Sensitivity are often success-oriented individuals who give top priority to their career. They are usually fighters, an attitude sometimes based on underlying insecurity and the need to prove themselves.

 It wasn't like I was naive, I had been engulfed by the flame of Ms February 21. Slow learner that I am, I told myself, that this time it will be different.  

 There was reason for my optimism a zero in Compatibility is bad-bad-bad, what are you going to talk about in the morning after? You want a low mark in Intensity, a negative number is best to avoid arguments. See, how I believed that a NINE of Diamonds and I could live happily ever-after, with a 6 Attraction, -3 Intensity and a 8 Compatibility score. What could possibile go wrong?

Sex and Marriage is like Moneyball in baseball, you got to look at all the stats.

 Oprah & All JACK of Clubs Connections
Best Marriage 
Hottest Sex


PISCES I - AQUARIUS I Relationship, Best: Work, Worst: Sibling.
"Love affairs in this combination might be controversial if the partners chose to reveal the particulars of their intimacy, but few may even guess that romance could exist between some of these couples—it is surprising enough that they are together in the first place."

USER NOTE: If, Sex and Marriage is what you are looking for, - their card not there - don't go there.


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    Jc to 10d 8 -4 10
    10d to Jc 8 -4 10
    The highest Rating for Attraction Intensity & Compatibility in Robert Camp’s Love Cards. Friends, Associates good for all nine 10 of Diamonds. For marriage go here:

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